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Jimmy John’s manager frustrated with low staffing thanks to ‘government handouts’

The sign hanging in a Jimmy John's in Bellevue.

A Jimmy John’s in Bellevue is being transparent about why their service might be lacking.

A friend of Dori’s noticed the below message posted in the restaurant’s window:

“Sadly, due to GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS, no one wants to work anymore. Therefore, we are short staffed. Please be patient and kind with the staff that DID choose to come to work today in order for you to have your Jimmy John’s. Have a wonderful day.'”

The general manager of the Jimmy John’s in Bellevue tells KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson Show that it’s close to impossible to hire right now. Sarah said she’s had an active job posting up for a few months and applicants aren’t even showing up for their interviews.

Sarah said she has five employees working in the store, when she should have closer to 10-12.

“On any given day, people can come in here and see how busy we are,” Sarah said. “The entire lobby is filled, I have deliveries coming that I’m trying to do all by myself while they’re taking people who are in the shop. People are just mean, they expect super fast service, and it’s like, ‘I’m sorry, there are 17 people in front of you that ordered before you did and we’re doing the best we can.’ Some people just don’t get it.”

Dori pointed out that the government is sending the final $300 supplemental checks out in the first week of September.

“Without that extra money, they’re going to have to work,” Sarah proclaimed.

While Dori is grateful that Sarah and her coworkers are developing skills and a strong work ethic, he’s sad that healthy, able-bodied people are unwilling to work.

As for the sign in the window, Sarah said her boss is OK with it.

“There have been people who have come in and were offended by it. But (the boss) didn’t want it getting back to corporate and then corporate calling the owner,” Sarah explained. “It could cause problems. He told me to take it down, but I didn’t.”

“I think there’s nothing wrong with the sign,” Dori said. “I’m glad it’s up there.”

If you’re interested in working at Jimmy John’s, Sarah said they do pay more than minimum wage.

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