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Keep Moving Streets, Green Lake
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Changes coming soon to Seattle’s ‘Keep Moving Streets’ at popular parks

The Keep Moving Street in Green Lake that's open for walking, rolling, and biking, but closed to drivers. (Photo courtesy of SDOT)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Seattle designated more than 25 miles of Neighborhood Greenways as “Stay Healthy Streets” that are open for walkers, bikers, and rollers and closed to pass-through traffic.

In summer 2020, the Seattle Department of Transportation partnered with Seattle Parks and Recreation to create even more space for people to exercise while being able to stay distanced from others. Parking lots were closed and people were discouraged from congregating due to COVID-19, so four “Keep Moving Streets” were opened next to popular parks in the city.

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Now, in 2021, the city is developing plans to continue those Keep Moving Streets, in various forms. Previously, in April 2021, the city said the closures would be sticking around at least through the summer months. Here’s an update on each of the Keep Moving Streets:

Green Lake

The Keep Moving Street at Green Lake is situated between Green Lake and Woodland parks. By October 2021, SDOT plans to reopen West Green Lake Way North to accommodate both a two-way walking and biking path, and two-way vehicle traffic at reduced speeds. Construction and installation work is expected to start as soon as next week, with a target date of Oct. 1 for reopening.

For now, there is two-way vehicle access only to the parking lots by the two parks, but the street is closed to drivers past the Green Lake Aqua Theater parking lot, if you’re coming from the south.

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Alki Point

The city says it is now working to secure funding for designing and building permanent changes on the Keep Moving Street at Alki Point based on community input. For now, it will remain in its current form until spring 2022.

To weigh in on the future of this Keep Moving Street, visit this page.

Lake Washington Boulevard

This Keep Moving Street is only open periodically, currently on weekends and holidays. The closure spans 3 miles of Lake Washington Boulevard. Barricades are placed Friday afternoon and removed Monday morning, which is expected to continue happening through September 2021.

Parking lots are open and accessible from the nearest cross streets, as seen on this map.

Golden Gardens

The Keep Moving Street in Golden Gardens is the one that’s likely to not return. SDOT says there are “currently no plans to close either the parking lots at Golden Gardens or Golden Gardens Drive.” The parks department would only consider closing these “as a last resort.”

There are efforts, however, to reduce illegal parking in the area and improve pedestrian safety. This work could include new signs along the street and in parking lots, or additional staffing on site.

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