Rantz: Tyrannical Governor Jay Inslee posts embarrassing, sad art

Jul 5, 2022, 6:23 PM

(Photo courtesy of Gov. Inslee's Twitter)...

(Photo courtesy of Gov. Inslee's Twitter)

(Photo courtesy of Gov. Inslee's Twitter)

Washington’s tyrannical governor Jay Inslee keeps embarrassing himself and our state. This time, he’s posted a sad drawing on his Twitter feed. It looks like a right-handed child used his left hand in an art project he wasn’t interested in completing.

Inslee, who has described himself as a “doodler” to Politico, posted the drawing last week. It shows a poorly drawn, broken plate with the seal of the President of the United States. Presumably, the seal does not include “E pluribus unum” because Inslee doesn’t know what it means.

The plate is empty and, inexplicably, there’s an empty Heinz ketchup bottle next to it, alongside what’s supposed to be cutlery. Above the broken plate reads, “Jan 6, 2021: Donald Trump Delivers His Plate of the Union Address.” In the accompanying tweet, Inslee writes from his official Governor account, “He broke it. We can – and must – fix it.”

I guess Trump broke a plate?

Inslee is dangerous and sad

This latest episode of Inslee’s dwindling sanity is alarming. No doubt, he thinks the art is cute and his message profound. Neither is true.

This would be sad if Inslee weren’t so dangerous.

Inslee quietly published a directive permanently mandating a COVID vaccine — including boosters — as a condition of employment with a state executive agency or small cabinet. His office didn’t even send out a press release until pressure from the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. Not that it would have mattered: the announcement came before a long weekend and most Seattle reporters supported the move.

In his directive, he lies and indicates the vaccine stops the spread of COVID. The governor knows that is false. Indeed, nearly half of Washington COVID infections are from the vaccinated. But he sees the vaccine as a symbol of one’s obedience to the government. He has the power and he’s willing to wield it. It’s tyrannical.

His directive came days after pretending he is pro-choice and that the state is a sanctuary for being able to control one’s own body. When it comes to the death of children, he’s pro-choice. When it comes to a private medical decision that does not impact anyone around the employee, Inslee says he owns your body.

Too bad there are only one or two Democrat legislators courageous enough to call on him to give up his emergency powers.

The state would be better off parking Inslee at Lake Chelan. He got himself stuck in a job he doesn’t want and can’t handle. He’d do less damage to the state and his reputation skipping stones all day.

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Rantz: Tyrannical Governor Jay Inslee posts embarrassing, sad art