Rantz: Gov Inslee and WA Democrats aren’t pro-choice. They’re pro-abortion

Jun 27, 2022, 6:00 PM | Updated: Jun 28, 2022, 9:16 am

(Photo by Karen Ducey/Getty Images)...

(Photo by Karen Ducey/Getty Images)

(Photo by Karen Ducey/Getty Images)

Governor Jay Inslee and many of his Washington Democrat colleagues are implementing the first phase of their public relations push to promote abortion and fend off the midterm red wave they fear will hit Washington state.

Let the vile hypocrisy commence!

Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Inslee announced Washington state is part of a west coast pack to preserve abortion access. The chances of Washington, Oregon, or California outlawing abortion are nonexistent, but that won’t stop their efforts.

But if you understand their position, it makes sense. Inslee and his colleagues are not pro-choice. They’re actually pro-abortion. There’s a big difference between the two.

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Inslee is pro-abortion

There’s no issue that better reveals the disturbing, hateful, and ghoulish character of the progressive movement in the Democrat party than abortion.

Inslee and others do not want women to have choices; they want women to choose abortion. It’s why their rhetoric is always framed around the right to abort a child. It’s also why they funnel so many funds to abortion services.

Have you heard Inslee or any Washington progressive speak as passionately for a woman to give birth to her child than they have for her to end their child’s life? Have you ever witnessed Inslee or any other local Democrat speak in favor of more funding for pregnancy centers that don’t offer abortion services?

Why is that?

Abortion tourism in the making

Over the weekend, Inslee announced he’s making “Washington state a sanctuary state for the right of choice.” This includes $1 million in emergency funds “to better ensure reproductive care clinics in Washington state can provide care to every patient who walks through their doors.”

The governor was proud of this announcement; he wants to help women abort their pregnancies because it allows him to play male savior.

Inslee is effectively adopting an abortion tourism approach. Come to our state, and Inslee guarantees tax dollars will be spent to abort a pregnancy. Washington Democrats do not speak of abortion as the solemn medical procedure it is; it’s equal parts transactional and a proud act of freedom. Soon, women will be offered a free hotel room and a gift card to Ivar’s.

If Inslee was pro-choice, rather than pro-abortion, his ideology would extend to other issues where bodily autonomy is at stake. But it doesn’t.

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Obviously, Inslee isn’t pro-choice

Inslee and his Democrat colleagues are not part of a political movement that actually supports choice over one’s body. This is the very same party and Governor that pushed ineffective COVID vaccine mandates on state workers.

If you didn’t do to your body what Inslee and Democrats demanded, you could no longer keep a job. Even when it was clear the COVID vaccine does not stop the spread of the virus, the Democrats continued their push to force women and men into taking what otherwise would be a private medical decision.

We can’t even choose to allow the legislature to represent us. Inslee still hasn’t relinquished his emergency powers. He took the weekend off from pretending we’re still in a COVID emergency so he could fight for the right the terminate a child’s life.

And if you choose to arm yourself for protection? That’s another choice Inslee won’t allow you to make.

No, Inslee doesn’t value your rights

Inslee is disappointed that a non-existent federal right is being taken away? Hardly.

For all the grandstanding about standing for access to a right to an abortion, Inslee and his colleagues actively try to destroy your actual constitutional right to bear arms. He routinely stops citizens from owning guns, a decision many people take to protect themselves from the very violence Democrat policies have created.

After hamstringing police departments and passing pro-criminal legislation that created the crime wave we’ve seen in the last two years, citizens are arming themselves with guns for self-defense. Many of the guns are being purchased by women, since they know they are especially vulnerable to the degenerate progressive prosecutors, attorneys, and activists keep out of jail only to recommit more severe crimes.

Media is absent from serious coverage — again

How can Inslee state he’s pro-choice with a straight face? How can he get away with pretending to care deeply about constitutional rights? The media lets him.

Washington does not have a media that is critical of Inslee and Democrats. It calls out Republicans with impunity, even when they have no power in Olympia. But the party and politicians who hold all the power? They repeatedly get a pass.

KING 5 created a special unit to specifically forward left-wing causes, framed around a progressive ideology. The Seattle Times puts unapologetically partisan, left-wing journalists on hard news beats. The Tacoma News Tribune’s Matt Driscoll, as Opinions Editor, ensures little to no diversity of thought in editorials.

You have sycophantic local outlets that rely on access to the Governor and other Democrat lawmakers. They won’t call out the governor, even when they know he’s in the wrong — or, at the very least, inconsistent. Many of them don’t seem to mind the special treatment they offer to Democrats.

There’s little difference between a local reporter and a Democrat activist. And that benefits Inslee and his abortion extremist Democrat colleagues.

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Rantz: Gov Inslee and WA Democrats aren’t pro-choice. They’re pro-abortion