Rep. Kim Schrier campaign ad spurs controversy over use of likeness

Oct 19, 2022, 3:06 PM | Updated: Oct 20, 2022, 3:18 pm


Covington Police Chief Adam Easterbrook with Rep. Kim Schrier (Photo courtesy of Kim Schrier's Office)

(Photo courtesy of Kim Schrier's Office)

In a report from The Seattle Times, Covington Police Chief Adam Easterbrook is upset that his image and words are being used to portray his support for Rep. Kim Schrier in mailers sent out by a Democratic-aligned PAC.

The photo of Easterbrook and Schrier was taken in May when Schrier visited the community and released a press release with the photos and quote. The PAC argues that the image is in the public domain and is allowed to be used.

On the Gee and Ursula Show, host Gee Scott and guest host Spike O’Neill had a heated debate about the use of personal images in political campaigns and whether this was justified.

“I think this police chief is happy to speak with, meet with, and work with his representative when it comes to getting funding and some resources for his department,” Spike said. “You can’t then be like, ‘well, I don’t want to be political about this. You can’t use my likeness,’ that’s a quote he gave, that’s not a photoshop of his face on somebody else’s body. He’s happy to stand next to his representative for a photo op and take the meeting and take the money.”

Gee, on the other hand, thinks just because the chief was willing to participate in the initial tour with Schrier, does not mean that he is forced to continue to allow for his photo and quotes to be used by a different organization without his permission.

“But he does not want to be used in this case with his face, his photo. He’s like, ‘I love that when she was here. I love taking the photo. But I don’t want to use this as a way for her to be reelected.’ He does not want his constituents looking at him and splitting.”

You can hear the whole debate between Gee and Spike here:

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Rep. Kim Schrier campaign ad spurs controversy over use of likeness