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Congressman Reichert will ‘never’ endorse Trump, but his vote …

Apparently the DCCC didn't remember that Congressman Dave Reichert said he would "never" endorse Donald Trump. (AP)

Washington Congressman Dave Reichert can guarantee he will never endorse Donald Trump for president. But will he vote along party lines? He won’t say. No matter how many times KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson asks.

Reichert, a Republican in the 8th Congressional District who is being challenged by Democrat Tony Ventrella,  told Dori that both Trump and Hillary Clinton appear to be running for “themselves and not for the people of this country.” He said he won’t endorse Trump, even if he belongs to the same party.

“The only thing I’ve said to folks who have asked is that I can’t bring myself to endorse him,” Reichert said.

So Dori asked: Will you vote for him?

“I’m not voting for Hillary Clinton, that’s for doggone sure,” he responded.

Dori asked a few more times.

“You’re going to get the same answer,” Reichert said. “I’m not going to endorse him and I’m not voting for Hillary Clinton.”

Dori: Why can’t you endorse him?

Reichert: I think the answer to that is obvious. There are people in our party who are having a very, very tough time with some of the things that Donald Trump has been saying. And I have to say, (I’m) very offended by the comments he made about one of our military heroes, John McCain. And he just continues to insult people and that’s not how I was raised and that’s not how I raised my children … I have a family I have raised on certain principles. How can you support a person who violates almost every one of those principles? And then look your kids in the eye and say, ‘In this case, just disregard everything you’ve been taught on how to be a responsible, respectful person, contributing to a society and trying to bring people together. Just disregard all of that this one time and vote for and support a person that doesn’t stand for any of those things.’ Hillary Clinton doesn’t stand for any of those things either, in my opinion. In fact, I am very disappointed that she is not in front of a grand jury answering questions.

Dori: But as a Republican, when you don’t condemn Trump you are just helping Clinton. I’m a Gary Johnson guy. I consider Hilary Clinton the worst of the bunch by far and it seems like you are handing her talking points.”

Reichert: I doubt Clinton needs talking points from me … Donald Trump is giving her more than enough to talk about. She doesn’t need any help from me. I’ve only met her a couple times in my life, back when she was in the Senate. She doesn’t even know who I am. What I am saying is this: I am an American first, period. I’m a conservative and I’m not going to endorse him. I can’t endorse the principles that he’s espousing.

Dori: Who would be worse for the country – Hillary or Trump?

Reichert: My opinion, Hillary Clinton would be worse.

Dori: So how do you not just suck it up and vote for lesser of two evils?

Reichert: I never said I wouldn’t vote for him, I just said I wouldn’t endorse him … so you just put words in my mouth. … I interrogated Gary Ridgway, so we can play this all day… (Trump) will never get my endorsement.”

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