Rantz: Seattle teacher investigated for antisemitic lessons, called ‘rape denier’

Dec 17, 2023, 5:50 PM | Updated: Dec 18, 2023, 12:14 pm

Chief Sealth International High School. Insert, teacher Ian Golash. (SPS via Kate Stone)...

Chief Sealth International High School. Insert, teacher Ian Golash. (SPS via Kate Stone)

(SPS via Kate Stone)

In a classic display of leftist indoctrination, Ian Golash, a self-proclaimed communist teacher at Seattle’s Chief Sealth International High School, has once again sparked outrage. This time, he’s been slammed by the prominent anti-antisemitism group Stop Antisemitism for denying the heinous acts committed by Hamas, all while pushing his anti-Israel propaganda onto his students.

Golash, who previously made headlines for ludicrously failing a student for asserting biological facts — that men cannot get pregnant — has now been exposed for his alleged Facebook posts defending Hamas and blasting Israel with baseless claims. He even had the audacity to dismiss the documented savagery of Hamas as Israeli fabrications, showing a disturbing level of denial and bias.

In a November 27 post, Golash allegedly explained what he understood had happened between October 7 and 9. He asked to be corrected if he was wrong “with evidence, please…”

“Hamas didn’t behead anyone. Hamas didn’t rape anyone. The bodies found charred beyond recognition were made that way either by Israeli tanks, misses, or helicopter gunships… Hamas soldiers were not carrying weapons that could do that kind of damage to human bodies,” the post notes.

The post also claims that “Israel, operating under the Hannibal Directive, chose to obliterate Israeli civilians, including at least one child, in their efforts to kill Hamas militants.”

He concluded by directing an expletive at Israel and Hamas, declaring himself a “communist.”

‘Rape denier’

The nonprofit Stop Antisemitism, the leading U.S.-based organization dedicated to fighting antisemitism, posted a screenshot of the unhinged claims on its popular X/Twitter account. They tagged SPS to say they are “extremely disturbed to see Chief Sealth High School teacher and socials studies department chair Ian Golash deny the brutal rape and savagery of Hamas.”

“Imagine being a Jewish student or colleague of this man. Ian Golash is a rape denier,” Stop Antisemites wrote.

The accusations of rapes and beheadings have been well documented — including before Golash posted his screed. And each day that passes, more proof is circulated.

Seattle Public Schools (SPS) would not comment on the Facebook statement. But are any of his anti-Israel views making their way into the classroom? Two parents speaking anonymously to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH say ‘yes.’

Rantz: Antisemitic ‘teach-in’ told students Hamas are ‘resistance fighters’

Teaching kids to hate Israel

This isn’t just about a teacher’s personal views; it’s about what’s seeping into the classroom. Parents have anonymously revealed to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH that Golash is feeding students a twisted narrative. They’ve shared screenshots of a comic distributed in his class, grossly misrepresenting the Israel-Gaza conflict, painting Israel as the aggressor, and whitewashing Palestinian terrorism.

It’s titled “The Gaza Strip: Under siege, at war with Israel” and was published by the author Danylo Hawaleshka on October 27, 20 days after the terrorist attack against Israel. Hawaleshka is the Senior Editor at Qatar-owned Al Jazeera.

The comic contextualizes October 7 by explaining that since the Six Day War in 1967, Israel has “occupied the Gaza strip, and ever since it has maintained a tight grip on it and the more than 2 million Palestinians who live there.” (Note: the occupation ended in 2005 and the war was the result of terrorist groups in Arab countries seeking to destroy the Jewish state.)

Children learn that the second intifada was “largely peaceful” until it was met with “excessive force by the Israeli military.” (Note: the Palestinian’s second intifada featured snipers, rockets, and suicide bombers targeting Israel.) Then they’re taught about Israel’s seemingly relentless and unprovoked violence in Gaza, until the October 7 terrorist attack that is described as merely “another war, worse than anything seen so far, in which Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has demonized Palestinians.”

An investigation

It does not appear that the school’s principal or district was aware of the curriculum. When asked if they knew the comic was being taught and if there was any balance provided by Golash, a spokesperson for SPS told the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH that “Seattle Public Schools is taking these inquiries seriously, and we are looking into the matter.”

The principal went one step further than the district in an email purportedly sent to parents with kids in Golash’s class.

“I am communicating with you this evening as I have received several inquiries about concerns related to content that may have been covered in one of our classes. Please know that Seattle Public Schools is dedicated to establishing safe and welcoming inclusive learning environments,” principal Ray Morales said in an email obtained by the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “We take these inquiries seriously and are looking into this situation. At this time, l am not able to provide further information, but as this progresses, I will be sure to share details as able. Thank you for bringing forward these concerns.”

Who is allowed to teach your kids?

As Golash’s pro-Hamas reputation gained attention, more information about his past was highlighted.

Independent journalists Brandi Kruse and Jonathan Choe noted that Golash led student protesters into the King County Jail in 2020. He tried to block journalists from covering the event.

Journalist Andy Ngo reported that the Seattle teacher has a “disturbing criminal history in Portland, Ore.” Ngo says Golash has had multiple arrests, which include assault and criminal harassment. The independent journalist says Golash was convicted of the latter charge. His Facebook also features Antifa-connected imagery.

It’s unclear how far SPS will take its investigation. For now, the district scrubbed references to Golash from its website. But it’s reasonable to be concerned about having this teacher in the classroom.

It’s alarming but not surprising. This is what happens when radical ideologies take over our education system, and your kids become pawns in a political agenda. It’s time for SPS to step up and address this, because right now, they’re failing their students and the community by allowing such blatant bias and misinformation to go unchecked.

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Rantz: Seattle teacher investigated for antisemitic lessons, called ‘rape denier’