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Transgender activist also registered sex offender

As Washington State continues to strive for transgender equality, one bad egg may have spoiled the activist bunch.

It has just come to light that one of the more outspoken advocates for these rights, Johanna Wolfe (formerly Jonathan), is a sex offender who was convicted of raping a 20-year-old deaf girl in 2006 in Nebraska.

Despite this, Johanna’s name does not show up on the online sex-offender registry in Washington state.

Todd Herman hasn’t been shy about sharing his feelings on this topic since the beginning. This tangible example illustrates his point about the dangers of allowing anyone into women’s restrooms.

“Yet this person is openly calling for and demanding access to your wife and daughters shower,” he said about Wolfe.

Instead of the government stepping in with their demands, Todd offers an alternative way to handle this dilemma.

“All of this can be handled another way,” he said. “Let businesses decide whether they want gender-open facilities. Separate them in the schools, and make sure that in the schools there are accommodations for children who are having gender dysphoria. That’s the humane thing to do.”

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