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Mayor Ed Murray praised by former mayor over defense of ‘sanctuary’ status

Since President Trump made clear his disdain for cities with “sanctuary” status, threatening to cut millions in federal funding, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has been steadfast in his belief that his city will continue to be welcoming to immigrants and refugees.

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After US Attorney General Jeff Sessions warned jurisdictions with sanctuary status that they will not receive grants from the Justice Department if they do not follow federal law, Murray pulled a Bob Ferguson and announced that Seattle is suing the feds over the threats.

The lawsuit was backed by Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes and councilmembers.

It was also supported by former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn.

“There are times when a mayor has to stand up and be passionate on behalf of his city,” McGinn told Seattle’s Morning news a day after announcing that he will run for mayor.

Though McGinn had several criticisms of the current administration — he said the primary solution to fixing problems right now is more taxes — he called the defense of Seattle’s “sanctuary” status the “right thing to do.” He added that if he were still in the role, he “would certainly do that.”

“I’m passionate about the city being for all of us,” he said.

The goal of the lawsuit is to get the courts to say that Trump’s sanctuary city executive order is not lawful, while also forcing the federal government to specify and define what it thinks “sanctuary city” means, Murray explained. The city is arguing that the ambiguity of Trump’s executive order means the city is “unable to accurately plan its upcoming budget.” Seattle’s lawsuit targets Trump, Sessions, and Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly.

Meanwhile, Jeff Sessions has said the executive order isn’t breaking any laws and the administration is “prioritizing safety.”

Listen to the entire conversation with McGinn below.

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