May Day 2017: The winners and losers

May 2, 2017, 12:06 PM | Updated: 1:53 pm

May Day...

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(via Canva)

May Day 2017 was a relatively peaceful affair in Seattle; not so much in Olympia where a riot of anarchists broke out, only to be quelled by the townspeople.

PHOTOS: May Day in Seattle and Olympia

Here are the winners and losers for 2017.


Seattle Police Department: Officers were near flawless in their efforts to keep the peace in Seattle. They held back until there was violence, when they swept in dispersing the crowd at Westlake Park when it seemed like things could turn into May Day’s past.

Pro-Trumpers: Without them occupying Westlake Park, I fear the May Day protests could have turned to riots. Instead, the Trump supporters took control of the space and used it to promote free speech and dialogue.

Marchers: As is usually the case, the May Day marchers during the day were well-behaved, respectful and passionate about their cause. It’s how protests and rallies should be.

Olympia homeless: It was reported that the homeless in Olympia were the ones who initially fought back against the 75 or so anarchist rioters. Good on them. Some were angered by the rioters littering in their backyards. They didn’t want to see their neighborhood trashed by a bunch of anti-capitalist losers. They reacted quickly, forcing the rioters to retreat.

Marijuana: Who knew legalized marijuana could bring so many people together?

Councilmember Kshama Sawant: Rather than stoking emotions and making May Day about her, she gave a quick speech then retreated to council chambers to do the work she’s paid to do. She ended up passing a resolution I don’t support, but her job is to help govern, not give speeches and attend rallies.


Anarchists/Antifa: Talk about a poor showing. They aimlessly wandered the streets of Olympia destroying a bastion of greedy capitalism — the window front of a Goodwill? Way to go, guys. They tried their level best to insult pro-Trump activists at Westlake Park, only to make fools of themselves. Perhaps they all went down to Portland for May Day?

Mass Disruption: Despite the calls, there was no mass disruption. Traffic was barely impacted. Airports didn’t shut down and not a single dope made it to our freeways. Perhaps that tired and ineffective protest strategy is done for?

Councilmember Kshama Sawant: For some, she’ll be seen as a loser in this. She retreated to her council chambers after calling (and walking back) mass disruptions that didn’t happen. Does that mean she’s lost her influence?

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May Day 2017: The winners and losers