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Inslee: Income tax is not right for Washington state

You can stop worrying about a statewide income tax in Washington, at least under Gov. Jay Inslee’s watch.

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The governor told Seattle’s Morning News that he does not support the idea.

“I don’t think it’s right for the State of Washington,” he said as he discussed the special session going on in Olympia, where Republicans and Democrats are struggling to come to an agreement on how the state will fund basic education and government services.

An income tax has become an increasingly popular idea among politicians in Seattle. Former Mayor Mike McGinn, who is running for office again, called for a city income tax. Current Mayor Ed Murray announced his proposal for an income tax days later.

This week, the Seattle City Council unanimously approved a resolution that shows councilmembers are in favor of an income tax.

“I believe there is never a wrong time to do the right thing,” said Council President Bruce Harrell, noting that some have promoted the city wait for state lawmakers to come up with other taxes to raise revenue.

Though Inslee doesn’t support a statewide income tax, he hasn’t given up on a carbon tax or capital gains tax.

“This is something that could resurface in talks between the parties as they whittle down what they’re willing to do and the agreements they can reach,” Inslee said.

“If they don’t want a capital gains tax, they could look at a carbon tax.”

Listen to Inslee discuss the special session and education funding.

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