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Why Dori won’t give to panhandlers


You come off the freeway, you’re sitting at the light at the bottom of the off-ramp, and there’s that panhandler. You know, the homeless vet who had a couple of kids at home, or doesn’t have a home.

I know a lot of people will give money to the panhandlers – they make an amazing amount of money, some of them, all tax free – but a TV station just busted a panhandler in Grand Rapids, Michigan; not arrested, but called out his lies.

Hannah Saunders was the reporter:

“You make your best money in the rain,” one woman told Hannah. “Because people see you standing in the rain, yes, and they figure you that you really need it bad if you’re standing in the rain.”

And then there was this panhandler:

“Well, I wish that they knew that I had to have surgery, and I can’t have a job right now until after I have my surgery,” said another woman. “Then I can get a job and go to work, you know?”

Maybe that’s legit – we don’t know. But then there was a man who was out panhandling she found who said he was homeless. And she followed him home to a pretty nice house in which he lives with his mom.

And then there was the guy who held up a sign who said he was a homeless vet, and he never served in the military.

Just give money to the shelters, give money to the organizations that you know it’s going to go for what you intend.

Taken from Monday’s edition of The Dori Monson Show.


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