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Dick’s Drive-In announces newest location

(Associated Press)

Dick’s Drive-In has chosen its newest location. Kent is the lucky winner of the 7th restaurant.

The restaurant famous for its Deluxe and fries will go in near the Highline College (S 242nd St and Highway 99), the family announced on Facebook Thursday morning.

“It was a hard decision. It’s a tough time to be buying property,” said Jim Spady, president of Dick’s Drive-In and son of namesake Dick Spady. “We have a lot of people out there who want a high price for their property. And even more, they don’t even want to sell.

“The City of Kent has welcomed us with open arms and we’re looking forward to getting it built,” Spady said.

“We’re thrilled,” Kent Mayor Suzette Cooke said at the announcement. She added that the new light rail station will open a few blocks from the new location (in seven years).

So many cities in the Southend were excited and willing to welcome Dick’s into the neighborhood. Auburn went so far as inviting high school cheerleaders and the band out to play for Spady’s group.

After Kent opens in 2018, the next area Dick’s will explore for restaurant opportunities is the Eastside.

The sixth location opened in Edmonds in 2011. The original location opened in Wallingford in 1954.

Correction: An earlier version of this story placed the new Dick’s at S 272nd St., when in fact, the new store will be located at S 242nd St. and Highway 99.

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