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Reaction to Angie Mentink’s breast cancer announcement was beautiful

Angie Mentink from ROOT Sports awards Don O'Neill's son MVP at a celebrity softball game. Mariner greats Dan Wilson and Jay Buhner joined. (Don O'Neill/KIRO Radio)

Who tweets that they have breast cancer? Angie Mentink from the Mariners’ broadcast does.

This is the Tweet she publicly shared the other night before the game:

If you watch the Mariners and the Seahawks you have seen Angie over the years. In getting to know her, I can tell you she is kind, hilarious, wicked smart, a loyal mom, and a great broadcaster.

It was beautiful to read some of the tweets and Facebook messages that people sent her after her announcement.

One thing that you may not know about Angie is that she was a three-time All-American softball player at the University of Washington and she was a professional baseball player with the Colorado Silver Bullets. In fact, the next time you walk through Cooperstown, you will see Angie in her Silver Bullets Jersey. And you thought Cooperstown was just for the boys.

Angie now joins the “sisterhood” that many women we love and care about have joined over the years. My mother Virginia joined the “sisterhood” back in the 1990s and is still living, laughing, and thriving today.

Five things I learned from my mom’s battle:

  • Keep your sense of humor: I can tell from your Tweets that you have this life lesson down.
  • Let the love and light of others carry you during the tough times that are ahead: In reading the social media reactions to your announcement, this community loves you and your family in an insane, and awesome way.
  • Just like the bionic women: They can rebuild you and you will look and feel sensational.I know Virginia does.
  • When and if it’s time to lose the hair: I’ll lose mine with you. I bet Robinson Cano would too!
  • On a full count: Swing for the fence anyway!

No one can take your place at ROOT Sports on our TV screens. So. take your time, embrace the suck, and we will keep that microphone plugged in for you.

Thanks for being the class act you are, Angie. We will see you at the ballpark!

I’ll see the rest of you at 3 p.m. on 97.3 KIRO FM.

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