KIRO Radio hosts on who should be Seattle’s next mayor

Nov 2, 2017, 5:40 AM | Updated: Nov 3, 2017, 2:28 pm
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Voters will choose urban planner Cary Moon or former U.S. attorney Jenny Durkan to lead this city dealing with the benefits and headaches of a booming economy for some more than others as e-commerce giant Amazon expands. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Find out how the KIRO Radio talk show hosts would vote for Seattle mayor.

Seattle’s Morning News will host a live debate between Jenny Durkan and Cary Moon on Friday at 7 a.m. Listen here.  

Jenny Durkan or Cary Moon for Seattle Mayor?


Dave Ross- I can’t make an endorsement, but I will say they both strike me as serious, skilled candidates who are in the race for the right reasons. The big difference between the two seems to be on the homeless issue. Durkan would take a strict approach to the tent camps and Moon would insist that alternative housing be in place first. I don’t think city government will make any real progress until it joins with the business community in siting and building cheap dormitory-style housing that can sustain itself with lower rents, and isn’t required to turn a profit.


John Curley- I’d like to see Cary Moon win because I think she’s more liberal. I’d like everybody to get an opportunity to really experience true liberal government. Not so half-baked, but all in.


Tom Tangney- Jenny Durkan. I’ve been a huge fan of Durkan’s ever since I heard her deftly handle a Dori Monson interview in 2004. It was during the Dino Rossi/Christine Gregoire recount controversy and tempers were flaring.  Representing the Washington State Democratic Party, Durkan waded into the political maelstrom that is The Dori Monson Show. She calmly, almost dispassionately, dissected the legal case and politely eviscerated the opposing side. Since then, she’s obviously gone on to much greater things, not the least of which is serving as U.S. Attorney for Western Washington.  I think Seattle is lucky that such a smart, articulate, and accomplished woman wants to be our mayor.


Dori Monson- When I was a kid growing up on the mean streets of Ballard, Seattle elected reasonable people as mayor – like Wes Uhlman and Charles Royer – and the city reflected that reasonableness. This was a great city in which to grow up. Then, the slide began and that slide has become a nightmare.

The incompetence of Greg Nickels (can’t salt streets during a snowstorm because the salt might get into …  salt water) … looks almost reasonable by 2017 standards. That led to the disasters of Mike McGinn and Ed Murray. And that brings us to today.

There is one issue that is a billion times more important than all others combined, and that is the traffic gridlock that engulfs the city and paralyzes the region. Neither candidate has presented anything resembling a coherent plan to deal with the city’s most pressing problem. Cary Moon would be a disaster. But Jenny Durkan, who bizarrely seems to believe she can out-radicalize Moon, also hasn’t presented a vision that inspires any confidence.

Durkan vs Moon is a prime example of why my family moved to the ‘burbs. I could not, in good conscience, confidently vote for either one. If I was forced, I would vote for Durkan. But the Seattle slide will continue with either of these candidates.


Ron Upshaw- I’ve taken the online quiz that was suppose to tell me who to vote for. My score was 7-4 Durkan.

So I was going to just hold my nose and vote for her. Then I saw a commercial for Durkan that promised she was going to “Hold Developers Responsible,” and that caused me to pump the brakes. I absolutely believe that mentality is a big part of the problem in Seattle politics. They villain-ize the wrong group all the time.

I went back and did another look at Moon, but I just don’t think I can pull the trigger on her. She is more left than Durkan on just about every issue.

Herein lies the dilemma for people like me. Progressive, but craving financial accountability. I believe that the City of Seattle already gets enough tax money, and they need to look themselves in the mirror on how the spend it. I want a leader that will change that culture. Homelessness, affordability, and the opioid crisis are not the fault of big business or the working class people of the area. If you’re like me, there is not a candidate for us.

I’ve bounced back and forth on this, and even contemplated a write-in candidate. In the end, I feel like it’s choosing between a punch to the gut or a punch to the face. Neither choice seems all that appealing.

I’ll be unenthusiastically voting for Jenny Durkan. I can’t encourage you to do the same, but understand if you do.


Zak Burns- It was actually a series of interviews on Seattle’s Morning News that led to my decision. Colleen O’Brien exposed Cary Moon as an unprepared candidate. She clearly hadn’t even previously considered a few of the issues she was asked about during the conversation. Jenny Durkan, on the other hand, was ready. I believe she is ready to run Seattle. She has managed large groups of people before with tremendous results. The talk of her being an “establishment” candidate should be quickly dismissed. She will be a great mayor at a time Seattle really needs one.

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KIRO Radio hosts on who should be Seattle’s next mayor