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Jenny Durkan
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Jenny Durkan is already a failed, corrupt Seattle mayor

Jenny Durkan. (KIRO 7)

Wow, that was quick. Jenny Durkan is a failed and corrupt Mayor-elect of Seattle and she hasn’t even stepped into office.

Today, the Seattle Times reports on her first two hires.

Mike Fong will serve as Durkan’s senior deputy mayor, while Shefali Ranganathan will serve as deputy mayor. Fong is currently chief operations officer for King County and previously spent 16 years working for the city. Ranganathan is the executive director of the Transportation Choices Coalition.”

Set aside the hilarity of having a “senior deputy mayor” and consider Jenny Durkan’s choices.

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Shefali Ranganathan runs a corrupt organizing group called Transportation Choices Coalition (TCC). It’s an unregistered lobbying organization. They launder money for the criminal conspiracy called Sound Transit. It enabled the consistent criminals at Sound Transit to use taxpayer money to fund their remarkably dishonest push for the already failed ST3 — it’s already obscenely over budget. Along with the dark money group Mass Transit Now — funded by big real estate and development interests who want land on the cheap from eminent domain and insanely inflated rates for construction work — TCC was also one of the recipients of Sound Transit’s illegal distribution of Orca Card information.

Shefali Ranganathan is corrupt and promoting the most brutal economic scam ever put upon a regional tax base: $54 billion for a train less then 3 percent of people in Sound Transit’s gerrymandered taxing district will ever use.

As a former US attorney, Jenny Durkan knows Transportation Choices Coalition is breaking the law — both state and federal. She knows that is corruption. She chose Shefali Ranganathan because Jenny Durkan is part of the corruption. It’s that simple.

Mike Fong is Operations Director for King County. Do I really need to explain why that dooms Durkan’s term to failure?

King County operations are in shambles. Under Mike Fong, King County spilled hundreds of millions of gallons of poop into Puget Sound. King County Metro is too busy taking hipsters hiking to give a hoot about its core reason to exist — helping transport people who cannot transport themselves due to disabilities, something it continually fails to do. It has even left adults with special needs stranded. The spillways in King County are in dangerous shape, something you think would be a focus, given the fact that the spillways in Houston, Texas failed despite warning to that effect. Of course, traffic in King County is terrible, because people like Mike Fong want it to be terrible.

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Since he has no accomplishments as director of operations, Jenny Durkan apparently chose Mike Fong because he is a part of the machine.

Jenny Durkan has yet to take office and she has failed; proving herself corrupt. But there is one thing she’s not: stupid. Jenny Durkan knows Washington state has no attorney general — Bob Ferguson is using his office to run an illegal PAC— and a supreme court that works solely for Seattle. Like her good friend and the man who endorsed her early on — an alleged pedophile — Ed Murray, Jenny Durkan knows she will not be held accountable by any authorities and that Seattle voters are too fat and happy to see the signs of collapse all around them.


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