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Marshawn Lynch Films a Movie in Seattle

By Rachel Belle

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Listen to Marshawn Lynch Filming A Movie in Seattle (with Gary Busey!)

Seahawk Marshawn Lynch is most famous for his epic 67-yard touchdown run against the Saints last year, but now he’s exploring his artsy side. Lynch has a small part in a dark comedy called Matt’s Chance, filming in Seattle right now with Gary Busey, Edward Furlong (from Terminator 2) and Margo Kidder (from the Superman movies.) The independent film is about a cowboy who catches his girlfriend cheating with her new boss, sending him on a quest for revenge.

I headed down to the set, watched Lynch act in a scene, and asked him if he’s ever acted before.

“I did a couple little commercials here and there. This is actually the first time I ever did something like this before. I’m playing a bigger part than I thought! I’ve been here since 8:00 a.m. and they said we won’t finish up until 7:00 p.m. so I think that’s a pretty big part for me, especially being my first movie.”

Lynch plays a body guard to a mob boss, and I asked him to describe the character he’s playing.

“They’ve been calling it ‘Massive Goon’ but I changed it to Gangsta. I don’t like ‘goon’ too much, so I just took Gangsta. Just punching a few people here and there, you know, just kicking people out the club, just on gangsta status.”

In the scene I watched, Lynch had a single word of dialogue, and it’s not suitable for radio. I asked him how his mother will react watching him swear in a and marshawn

“She knows I’m acting so it’s gonna be alright. I am human and I do cuss [he rattles off a string of cuss words.] No, that’s not how I roll, but I am human and I’m pretty sure you cuss too when you turn off this microphone, so you know it happens.”

We talked about how Lynch misses his hometown of Oakland, how there’s no chicken and waffles establishment that compare to House of Chicken and Waffles in Oakland and I got him to show me his custom made, gold Seahawks grill.

Lynch says his long day on the set was harder than playing football, and he doesn’t see himself becoming a full time actor.

“It’s just not me, you feel me? I’m not no front runner, front of the camera like that. It’s not something I’m [going to] to pursue. If the opportunity comes again, maybe, maybe not. But for the time being, it’s cool.”

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