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Ron’s favorite things of 2017: A holiday gift guide

With three weeks left till Christmas, people may need a gift guide to help with some last-minute shopping.

I’m one of those people that does a lot of research before I buy something, so in that spirit, I present the Ron of the Ron & Don “What Are We Talking About Here:” My Favorite Things of 2017 inaugural Holiday Gift Guide.

I might need to shorten the name, but you get the point.

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Let’s start with some booze.

St. George’s NOLA Coffee Liqueur. Wow, this stuff is great. I stumbled into this magic potion on a recent trip to San Francisco. We went on a tour of the distillery, and if you like coffee and cocktails, you have to try this out.

Next, Heritage Distilling Bacon Flavored Vodka. Full disclosure, they are a sponsor of the radio station. This stuff is amazing. If you like a Bloody Mary every once in a while, I insist you give this a try. Let me just say it one more time. It’s vodka that tastes like bacon.

Let’s talk wireless headphones.

I bought a pair of those giant over ear headphones from that honorary doctor, and hated them. Way too much bass, and they are just too big and bulky for my taste. I ended up going through about four or five different pairs of wireless headphones, until I finally found the SoundPEATS bluetooth headphones. They sound amazing, last a long time, and here’s the catch – they are only $27 on Amazon.

I buy them two at a time, and end up giving them away to friends. If I lose a pair, I don’t freak out. I even accidentally sent a pair through the washing machine, and they still work just fine.

Speaking of ending a years-long quest, I finally found a carry-on travel bag that I love. I’ve tried everything. The roller suitcase, the leather satchel, and the fancy bag with a million zipper pockets.

I ended up hating all of them. Then I walked into the Chrome Store on First Avenue a few hundred yards south of the Pike Place Market. If you love to travel, and want to be efficient, go get the Macheto Travel Backpack. It’s $200, and it is hands down the best travel bag I’ve ever owned.

This one is going to sound crazy, it’s a thing called the BedJet. It’s basically a vent that fits under your sheets down at the foot of your bed. In the winter, it blows warm air in there – in the summer, it blows cold air. These people should win some kind of award. This thing is genius. It’s hands down the best bed accessory ever – it’s around $300.

Finally, the best $8 bucks I spent in 2017 was for a Mr. Coffee warming station. I love this thing. When I sit down in front of my computer in the morning to start planning the show, I just pop my coffee mug on the pad, turn it on, and my coffee stay warm till I’m done. It’s worth five times what they are charging for it. Love this thing.

I paid for all of these products and did not receive anything for mentioning them.

Have a good holiday.

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