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Charleena Lyles
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Seattle PD releases detailed report of Charleena Lyles shooting

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A newly-released Seattle Police Department report says tasers, pepper spray, and batons weren’t viable options for the two Seattle police officers who fatally shot Charleena Lyles after she pulled a knife on them.

Lyles, a 30-year-old African-American mother of four, was shot seven times by two white officers June 18, after she called to report a burglary at her apartment.

The Force Review Board report, was made public Friday. According to The Seattle Times, it provides the first detailed analysis of what led to the board’s unanimous vote on Nov. 14; determining the shooting was “reasonable,” “necessary,” “proportional,” and “consistent” with department training and policy.

The report was submitted to U.S. District Judge James Robart who requested it. He is the judge weighing the city’s request to find it in full compliance with a 2012 federal consent decree.

That decree requires the police department adopt reforms to address excessive force and biased policing.

People rally in support of police reform

Supporters of Initiative 940, which would make it easier to prosecute police who use deadly force, are making a final push for signatures.

On Sunday, a rally was held in Cal Anderson Park, attracting the family members of those killed in police shootings. They included Andre Taylor, whose brother Che was killed by Seattle police, and Lyles’ sister, Monika Williams.

Williams promised to fight to change the laws that led to her sister’s death.

Initiative 940 would require all law enforcement officers to go through de-escalation training. Officers would also be mandated to provide first aid if they shoot someone.

The initiative’s most controversial provision would make it possible to prosecute police officers who use deadly force without proving they had malicious intent.

Supporters of I-940 have until Dec. 29 to collect the signatures they need to get the measure on the ballot. They say they already have more than enough.

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