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Dori: We live in a bizarre world of traffic and taxes

Two Ballard seafood businesses are moving out of Seattle (KIRO 7)

Two established seafood businesses in Ballard are moving out of Seattle.

Ocean Beauty Seafoods, a 100-year-old company and one of the largest seafood processors in North America, is moving to Renton, KIRO 7 News reported. A second company, Keyport Foods, is relocating to Edmonds.

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I grew up on the mean streets of Ballard. And I can guess as to why those two businesses are leaving the neighborhood and ditching Seattle altogether.

First, traffic.

The constant gridlock on Seattle streets is a hassle for anyone traveling to and from work. For a business that depends on its ability to transport goods to and from warehouses quickly and efficiently, it’s a timely, costly nightmare.

Second, taxes.

Nation-wide tax cuts are supercharging the economy. Workers are earning higher wages and receiving bonuses, and take-home pay is set to increase. But our local government officials are determined not to see these benefits.

In fact, some, including Governor Jay Inslee, are determined to fight against them. Here in Washington state, business is the enemy and taxes are the solution to nearly every problem. Property taxes, a proposed income tax, a proposed carbon tax, car tab fees, taxes on sugary drinks — you name it.

I’ve said this before, but we Seattleites truly live in bizarro-world.

Taken from Thursday’s Dori Monson Show.

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