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Did Sound Transit’s CEO get a shot across the bow?

Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff. (Sound Transit live feed)

The CEO of Sound Transit has some workplace issues to work out, according to the agency’s board of directors.

Relief from expensive car-tab fees inches closer

The board, which denied Peter Rogoff a bonus of more than $30,000 after criticizing his “brusque and forceful” behavior, also complimented him on the work he’s done. But is that all the punishment coming to Rogoff for complaints of the alleged condescending behavior?

KIRO Radio’s Chris Sullivan spoke with the CEO in the past and says Rogoff was “very direct and matter-of-fact.” He’s certainly “different than what we’re used to…”

However, Sullivan couldn’t comment on potentially more serious allegations. Those allegations include a comment made in 2016 that implied black people need more assistance in the workplace, the Daily Herald reports.

Rogoff issued a statement on March 1. Read it in its entirety.

KIRO Radio’s John Curley believes that if it was anyone else facing these allegations they would have been fired.

“But they love this guy and Sound Transit and don’t want to disrupt anything,” he added.

Tom Tangney says this appears to be a “shot across the bow.” Could more repercussions be on the way? Possibly, Tom says, but we won’t know for sure until Rogoff’s behavior is further investigated.

Listen to the entire conversation here.

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