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Dori: Seattle head tax is a fund for labor unions and drug addicts

Dave Chung, who says he has been homeless for five years on the streets of California and Washington state, eats a meal before bedding down in a bus shelter in view of Seattle’s Space Needle in October 2017. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File)
LISTEN: Dori: Seattle head tax is a fund for labor unions and drug addicts

The Seattle City Council is moving forward with a proposed business tax to funnel money to labor unions and drug addicts.

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On Monday’s show, I said it is imperative that we take back our language, because our politicians are so disconnected from reality in their language. They call the RV lots full of drug addicts “safe lots.” I would like to challenge our city council members who talk about these RV lots as “safe lots.” Would you let your children or grandchildren walk through a “safe lot” unaccompanied by an adult? Clearly you would, right? Because they’re “safe lots.”

Monday night, the council had a meeting to discuss taxing the biggest businesses in Seattle, businesses that bring in $20 million in gross income. If you’re a business that operates on a small margin, that doesn’t mean you’re filthy rich as a corporation. If you operate on a three-percent margin, that’s $600,000 a year — hardly corporate billionaires. The Seattle government is grouping these businesses in with Amazon. Why? Well, if you believe their phony use of language, it’s because of homelessness. But sadly, that is not the case.

Chicago, Illinois — one of the most far-left cities in the country — had a business tax. It was just one-tenth of what Seattle is proposing. And Rahm Emmanuel, as leftist as he is, got rid of the tax because he said it “killed jobs.” Yet Seattle wants a business tax that is 10 times Chicago’s. We are emerging as the most radical major city and region in the United States of America.

This is not about homelessness, this is not about alleviating suffering, and this is not about getting people off the street. This is using the plight of human bodies all over our streets throughout the region to take money from corporations and give it to labor unions. This is a way to punish businesses with extra taxes and transfer that money to labor unions and drug addicts.

Grocery stores like Safeway have said that they will either have to raise the cost of food for people who are already struggling to get by, or get out of Seattle.

This is nothing but a union hijacking. The labor unions have bought and paid for the Seattle City Council. The council members get donations and now they’re expected to reward the donors. I’ve been telling you this for a couple of years now, but now everyone is seeing through it.

We’re spending $200 million a year on homelessness in Seattle and King County, and those problems are just getting worse. We have proof today that Seattle is indeed the most radical city in the country. The mayor of San Francisco yesterday vowed to crack down on homeless camps. And Seattle is just saying, “Give us more money.”

We are in a sad, sick place right now. And we’ve got some really bad people running things.

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