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Dori: Head tax drama shows lunatics are running Seattle

This has gone way beyond comical. These crazed radicals in charge of our city could be the architect of bringing down our regional economy, and the implications of what the Seattle City Council’s head tax could do are so serious. The inmates at the mental institution have gained control of our City Hall.

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There is something so seriously wrong with Councilmember Kshama Sawant, and the fact that there are still people who support her is really disturbing. And since we have a representative government, she is not just crazy by herself. She is crazy on behalf of every single person who voted for her. She represents what liberalism in Seattle has become. And if you voted for any of the liars and idiots on the Seattle City Council, you own all of this.

And what we are seeing now is that Amazon has rightfully and reasonably decided to step away from 7,000 jobs and construction projects. It’s sad that these hardworking, blue-collar construction workers’ economic fates are in the hands of these crazed radicals on the council. Economies run in cycles, and when we have that inevitable economic downturn, Seattle is going to be hit harder than any other city. So many businesses are already teetering on the brink.

Throughout all of this, we’re seeing no acknowledgment of the drug addiction that is not going to go away. There is no mention of the fact that so many of the people on the street do not want housing, because they have chosen to live in tents and tarps as their lifestyle. They refuse housing and addiction counseling from service groups. Sawant wants the public housing from the 1970s that other cities like Detroit and Chicago have torn down because of the crime that they attract. There is so little talk about the money going to addiction counseling and mental health treatment — which is the only chance that many of these people have to get their lives back.

To see the drug-addicted being used by the communists who want the government to control everything is heartbreaking. Meanwhile, you have all of the good, hardworking, taxpaying citizens whose homes and cars are being broken into, and who are being assaulted while walking by tiny house villages.

This head tax is not just an “Amazon tax,” as Sawant calls it. About 500 businesses would be affected. She calls the tax “pocket change.” We have spent over $1 billion in the last 10 years on homelessness and the problem has only grown, so there clearly is zero correlation between spending money and solving the problem. But there is almost a gleeful delight in Sawant’s voice in being able to use the heroin-addicted people on the streets as a way to expand the power of government. I really can’t believe what I’m hearing from this person. I think that there is a very active effort to de-stabilize law and order in this country. That is my theory as to what is going on with Sawant.

Your voice needs to be heard. This head tax is going to have a regional, catastrophic effect on our economy.

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