Angela Poe Russell

Image: KIRO Newsradio host and commentary writer Angela Poe Russell


Angela is a veteran TV journalist and storyteller, known for her in-depth reporting and compelling interviews. Most recently, she co-hosted the award-winning television shows "Evening" and "Take 5" on KING 5 in Seattle; but her career has taken her all over the country, from the deep south to the northeast. Angela's work in TV news earned her a National Gracie Award and previously, a Northwest Emmy Award. She has spent the last decade expanding the reach of her storytelling through diverse mediums, including film. Currently, Angela is a Playwright in Residence at Seattle Public Theatre, where she is busy developing a new musical. She is also a contributing host for KIRO Newsradio. Together, with her husband Victor, they have four children.

Angela Poe Russell: The unlikely scapegoat in the Donald Trump assassination attempt

A Republican from Tennessee, said DEI was to blame for the tragedy that saw a gunman try to kill Donald Trump.
5 days ago

Angela Poe Russell: The lesson we all can learn from President Biden

As disturbed as I am by the state of politics right now, I do have President Biden to thank for giving me a new perspective on a personal matter.
13 days ago

Angela Poe Russell: Why we should feel sorry for giant, billion-dollar grocery chains

The good news is the rate of increase for grocery retailers is slowing down, while still being thoughtful about keeping the essentials in check.
20 days ago

Angela Poe Russell: More evidence schools would be wise to lock up cell phones

As more schools grapple with how to regulate students and their cell phones, a Seattle summer program officially took the leap this week.
24 days ago

Angela Poe Russell: We need to end the Pride flag debate, take real action

With June being Pride month, there has been debate over the flag and proclamations and what should the government's role be in this.
1 month ago

Angela Poe Russell: Is it time to put police back in Seattle schools?

One senior from Garfield High School expressed disappointment over losing resource officers, wondering what difference their presence might have made.
1 month ago

Angela Poe Russell: It’s time to reimagine public restrooms

It’s the Great Restroom Debate. How do we create public restrooms everyone can feel comfortable using?
2 months ago

Angela Poe Russell: A PSA all pedestrians need to hear

A more common scenario playing out on roadways contributes to more than 9,000 accidents for pedestrians each year is Sun glare.
2 months ago

Angela Poe Russell: What we can all learn from Harrison Butker’s shocking speech

That’s why the commencement speech by Kansas City Chiefs Kicker Harrison Butker caught me off guard. His theme: Stay in your lane.
2 months ago

Angela Poe Russell: Don’t fall for this trap when watching the news

While watching news of the protests on college campuses, one segment caught my attention -- an anchor using a study to stir up a culture war.
3 months ago

Angela Poe Russell: Some free answers for Seattle Schools’ $100,000 question

Seattle Public Schools has lost 4,000 students in the last five years as kids poured into private schools and other alternative programs.
3 months ago

Angela Poe Russell: O.J.’s death reminds America of its persistent judicial problem

Most people who stand accused, regardless of guilt or innocence, can’t afford O.J.'s dream team of attorneys, much less standard fees.
3 months ago

Angela Poe Russell: You never know where your next big life lesson will come from

You never know where your next big life lesson will come from.
3 months ago

Angela Poe Russell: Why Florida’s social media law is step in right direction

The legislature has been on a roll with several controversial legislative actions. However, one regarding social media is worth replicating.
4 months ago

Angela Poe Russell: Diddy’s sex trafficking allegations bring up complex issue

The raid on Sean "Diddy" Combs' home related to trafficking happened four months after his ex Cassie Ventura, filed a lawsuit against him.
4 months ago

Angela Poe Russell: The bold policy every school should adopt now

What’s most infuriating? Schools themselves, and the systems around them, perpetuating these cliquey silos on students.
4 months ago

Angela Poe Russell: Russell Wilson and Ciara’s Oscar Party photo just what our culture needs

An Oscar photo of Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara at an after party really struck me as different.
4 months ago

Angela Poe Russell: DEI’s secret weapon is Generation Z

Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) made headlines earlier this week after the University of Florida shut down its office.
5 months ago

Angela Poe Russell: Beyoncé’s controversial country hit is glossing over the bigger issue

Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire and Carrie Underwood haven’t had a No. 1 single on their own. It just feels like something is off. And, it is.
5 months ago

Russell: Stanley is experiencing the double edged sword of success

Stanley is on the defensive as more people have filed lawsuits accusing them of failing to disclose the presence of lead in their products.
5 months ago

Angela Poe Russell: Love is challenging in a complex time

Love is more difficult in a time of dating shows, technology, and a need for connection.
5 months ago

Russell: How merit based are university admissions really?

Since the Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action, we have heard a lot of people talk about merit, a word that technically means the quality of being particularly good or worthy
1 year ago

Russell: Threads gives us the opportunity to reshape social media

I have to admit I'm a sucker for new beginnings. When I first heard about Meta's new app, Threads, which is supposed to be an alternative to Twitter
1 year ago