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Jack Stine is an edgy, up-and-coming new voice representing a generation tired of stale news analysis and run-of-the-mill opinion. He is unafraid of carving out unique angles and positions and is always up for an engaging discussion or debate. Jack got his start podcasting and creating a YouTube channel. In his spare time, he proudly engages in charity work for deaf and hard of hearing communities, as well as services that cater to children with mild to severe autism. His sharp wit and clever sense of humor make him an excellent addition to the KIRO Newsradio lineup of talent.

Stine: You want a union? Start your own business

As a Seattle Starbucks votes to unionize, Jack Stine offers his thoughts on why union protections for non-skilled labor limit workers' potential.
11 months ago

Stine: With Seattle’s retail theft on the rise, city erects barrier from blame with shoplifting audit

The Seattle City Council announced this week that they are commissioning the City Auditor to identify solutions to the city's retail theft problem.
12 months ago

Stine: Plenty of blame to go around for SPD officer who punched handcuffed suspect

I have two thoughts on the officer who was fired from the Seattle Police Department and is now suing the city over his termination.
1 year ago

Stine: Nothing but good news about COVID-19

KIRO Nights host Jack Stine says there are two, simultaneous realities about the COVID pandemic that are happening right now.
1 year ago

Stine: Democracy failed us in Kshama Sawant recall

With the attempted recall of Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant appearing to have fallen short, I have some thoughts.
1 year ago

Stine: Washington missed a golden opportunity in naming its newest ferry

Did Washington miss out on a golden opportunity when it decided to call its new electric ferry "Wishkah?" We very well might have.
1 year ago

Stine: Seattle’s newest bikeshare little more than ‘a hideous eyesore’

Seattle's newest bikeshare provider is expected to hit the streets in 2022, and while I get that people like these programs, I have my reservations.
1 year ago

Stine: Mistaking the media narrative surrounding Waukesha parade tragedy

In the case of the Waukesha parade incident, we have somebody who is objectively a mass murderer. What more do you want to tease out of this case?
1 year ago

Stine says ‘no, thank you’ to changing definition of fully vaccinated

Jack Stine says he woke up, opened his phone, saw a headline and out loud said: "No, thank you. I am not interested in this. I will not be participating."
1 year ago

Stine: Aaron Rodgers ‘immunizes’ himself with antibodies from vaccinated rabbits

Aaron Rodgers claims to be "immunized" without getting the COVID vaccine, but that immunization is ultimately derived from vaccinated rabbits.
1 year ago

Jack Stine’s six step COVID vaccination plan

KIRO Nights host Jack Stine came up with his own six step plan to get more Americans vaccinated against COVID, focused on a change in messaging.
1 year ago

Stine: Refusal to get vaccinated is about consent for some

Not wanting to get vaccinated has nothing to do with grand or romantic illusions of a conspiracy, but rather a very basic concept: consent.
2 years ago

Stine: If I win the COVID vaccine lottery … or any lottery

Lotteries present a tremendous amount of potential for someone to lose themselves from suddenly being endowed with hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.
2 years ago

Stine’s pro tip: Bring data when you plan to argue a point

To my lefty friends out there, when you show up to chat with a person who is curious about the way you see the world, have some data and state your case.
2 years ago

Stine: It’s time to listen to others’ views on Manuel Ellis case

KIRO Radio's Jack Stine says his only concern is to discover whether Manuel Ellis' rights as a citizen were violated by our public servants.
2 years ago

What is courage?

Given what Stacy and I know about being a 'semi-public figure,' we discussed the ramifications of getting outside your comfort zone, and how courage comes in many forms.
2 years ago

How conservatism has changed over the last four years

On the Monday edition of Inside Stine's Mind, Stacy Rost and I discussed how for many people, the state of Conservative politics in the United States has stagnated over the last five years.
2 years ago