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Washington GOP leader Susan Hutchison keeps mum about decision to step down

Washington State Republican Party Chairman Susan Hutchison (KIRO 7)

Susan Hutchison, chair of the Washington State Republican Party, is stepping down.

Hutchison will exit her role as the leader of the state’s Republicans on Feb. 4, according to an announcement Tuesday.

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“The WSRP is in a robust financial position with a bright future,” Hutchison said. “I expect that 2018 will result in many exciting wins for the GOP in our state — among them, Dino Rossi will hold the 8th Congressional seat, the Republicans will move into leadership in the state House of Representatives by flipping at least one seat, and there might even be some surprises in the state Senate.”

The WSRP announcement praises Hutchison’s contributions since she was elected in 2012, taking over a party that was “demoralized and broke.” She is credited with fundraising success for the Republicans since then.

The statement, however, does not provide a reason behind her decision.

While speaking with 770 KTTH’s Jason Rantz on Wednesday, Hutchison would not say why she is stepping down.

“I have loved this job, it’s been a perfect fit … but all good things come to an end,” she said.

She says she has served “twice as long” as the average service time of a chairman.

Listen to the entire conversation here.

The Seattle Times points out that her name has been mentioned for potential appointments in the Trump administration or an ambassadorship. In the statement released Tuesday, Hutchison did say that Trump winning the presidency was one significant moment during her time leading the state’s Republicans.

The highlight of the (Debate Committee during the 2015-16 Republican Primary season) was our voters selecting a candidate who would go on to win the Presidency. I never doubt the voters’ wisdom—it’s the core of democracy. President Trump has made good on his promises in 2017 and I look forward to what 2018 will bring.

Hutchison drew ire from some Conservatives during the presidential campaign after she addressed allegations against candidate Trump. For example, after a 2005 Access Hollywood video tape was released in 2016, revealing offensive statements Trump made about assaulting women, Hutchison responded by saying Trump was a Democrat then.

“We like to believe he’s a Republican now and everybody’s redeemable,” she told KIRO 7 in October 2016. “Certainly nobody can justify what he said, but I also think we need perspective.”

Hutchison has also been a vocal opponent of Seattle’s income tax, and has pushed back against Washington state’s lawsuits against the Trump administration.


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