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Road rules refresher: Seattle protected bike lane just got bigger

This week, Seattle opened a new extension of its protected bike lane — expanding a single bike path, into a two-way stretch through the heart of downtown.

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The project also included adding traffic signals to accommodate the expanded bike path. It builds upon the existing Second Avenue protected bike lane, which now extends from Denny Way to Yesler Way — a total of 23 blocks. This means drivers will see new planter boxes lining the street, separating them from the bikes.

protected bike lane

Seattle streets are organized a bit differently with the new two-way protected bike lane. (SDOT)

Protected bike lane rules

With the improved protected bike lane open, it might be a good time for a road rules refresher. The Seattle Department of Transportation released a video explaining changes to the lanes, rules for using them, and other tips.

With different colored lanes, new bike boxes, and even sensors to detect where bikes are located in an intersection, it’s almost as if riders should take a bikers-ed course before traveling Seattle streets.

For example, for a bike to make a left turn using the lanes — unlike drivers — a cyclist must first cross the street — using the “cross bikes” path — wait in a green box, then make a 90 degree left turn onto the street. Sound confusing? Better check out the video above.

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