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Can we get some local help after you’re done fighting the man?

Lawmakers may have hit a roadblock in their effort to pass an amended version of an initiative that would change the state's deadly force law. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Nobody likes a bully. Me included. So I applaud Washington state for standing up to the feds and passing the first state-level net neutrality laws in the United States.

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But I do find Olympia’s obsession with sticking it to the other Washington a bit strange. The enthusiasm to jump in front of every train on the national political tracks only amplifies the silence on local issues.

Washington state didn’t hesitate to jump into the fray about the Muslim travel ban. We fired up all the lawyers on that one, then did a highly public victory lap when the court of appeals ruled our way.

Governor Jay Inslee was a one-day cable news star for telling President Trump — to his face — that arming teachers was a bad idea.

Today, Washington once again is planting its legislative flag with the net neutrality thing. Fair enough. Washington is a blue state. Part of the resistance, if you will. I see what you did there.

Washington has problems, too

The reason this hyper-focus on all things national is so strange to me is that it’s nearly impossible to get the governor or the attorney general to talk about, you know, the State of Washington.

As my radio partner likes to point out: stuff is happening here, locally, too. There are issues that desperately need leadership and money to solve.

When’s the last time you heard Jay Inslee say anything about homelessness? What about the opioid crisis? Mental health? Transit? Housing prices? The car tax?

I could go on, but I think you get my point.

So while I’m proud of state politicians standing up to the man, it would be nice if you did your day job first. Shouldn’t the first priority of state government be to address the issues of the state?

Hey fellas, little help here.

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