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Seattle mayor explains why he endorsed fast food workers strike

A fast food strike this week in Seattle closed a number of area restaurants. The workers were calling for a wage increase to $15 an hour, and Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn voiced his approval for their cause.

Luke got married!

Congratulations to Luke and his beautiful bride, Carey!

Mayor Mike McGinn doesn't mind Seattle Times' George W. Bush comparison

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn doesn't seem to mind a Seattle Time's columnist likening him to George W. Bush.

Mayor Mike McGinn shares a handy trick

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn really impressed KIRO Radio host Luke Burbank with a technique he uses to keep his suit jacket looking sharp even when he's got to pack it away for his bike ride to work.

Where have all the flowers gone?

As Americans, we believe in a free market: except when we don't.

Retired firefighter defends right to benefits

A former firefighter is speaking out for the retired firefighters receiving benefits described as "lavish" in a recent Associated Press report.

Following cancellation of Family 4th at Lake Union, mayor plans Seattle fireworks show

It seemed Seattle wouldn't get its traditional Independence Day fireworks show - until now.

The Sixth Commandment vs. the Eighth

Gun Rights activist Dave Workman reports that his online (and unscientific) poll, conducted on various gun forums, found that overall 62.7 percent of those responding to the question "Should shooting auto thieves be considered justified?"ť answered "yes."

Luke offers semi-legal Seattle fireworks show

While the organizers of Seattle's Family Fourth say they're cancelling the fireworks show this year because of a funding shortfall, KIRO Radio's Luke Burbank is magnanimously offering to take the $50,000 that was raised put on a pretty impressive show of his own.

Seattle's rules for pot may keep it out of the Capitol Hill neighborhood

The City of Seattle is working on its own set of rules for recreational marijuana that might likely would keep it out of several popular neighborhoods.

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