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Matt Manweller
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Matt Manweller #MeToo investigation: What else did attorney hide?

Matt Manweller. (Washington House Republicans)

On Tuesday, we brought you an exclusive look at what we are told is Exhibit One in the Matt Manweller #MeToo investigation. That exhibit — part of a taxpayer-funded, $120,000 investigation launched by Central Washington University into Manweller — is a video of the Conservative professor and legislator doing nothing more than acknowledging the presence of two women who hand him a stack of paper.

In the video, Manweller looks their way for maybe one second. You can see it for yourself right here. For doing that, he was questioned by a downtown Seattle attorney named Trish K. Murphy who appears to have recently deleted her retweets of far-left agitator and Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant. The investigation occurred while Manweller was on paid-administrative leave from the college.

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It appears that Sawant tweets are not the only things Trish K. Murphy is hiding. Apparently, this lawyer, in what can only be a breach of ethics, if not a defrauding of CWU and taxpayers, is hiding evidence that reflects positively on Matt Manweller.

CWU alumna Isa Holsclaw contacted Manweller after she heard my Tuesday interview with the legislator. She informed him that Trish K. Murphy had contacted her about a trip that occurred in 2006. Holsclaw carpooled from Ellensburg to to an event in Seattle with Manweller. The professor had an alcoholic beverage at that event. Holsclaw chose to not drive back with Manweller because she has a longstanding policy of not riding with anyone who had anything alcoholic to drink.

According to Holsclaw , Trish K. Murphy called her and attempted to cajole, trick, and otherwise wordsmith her into claiming Manweller was inappropriate, “creepy” and drunk. Holsclaw has now gone on the record in a legal declaration explaining that she had to repeatedly correct Trish K. Murphy when the lawyer attempted to steer her toward condemning the professor. Isa Holsclaw says she never saw Manweller drunk, and never saw him act inappropriately. She never felt uncomfortable around him.

You can view Holsclaw’s account here.

If Trish K. Murphy hides Isa Holsclaw’s account of Manweller, what else is she hiding?

On Thursday’s program, Manweller came on to address Holsclaw’s legal declaration. The professor also explained that yet another woman who had learned of the pending report, contacted him and explained that her testimony — also positive of Manweller — would apparently not make it into Trish K. Murphy’s taxpayer-funded report.

Trish K. Murphy was paid what we understand to be $120,000 to investigate Manweller for CWU. She was not paid to half-investigate or to indict. Hiding evidence that the taxpayers paid her to gather not only condemns this whole Matt Manweller #MeToo investigation as a farce, it belittles actual #MeToo complaints.

Further, is must be a breach of legal ethics and, in my opinion, is an act of fraud against the taxpayer.

We have asked Trish K. Murphy to come on the program, she has refused to reply.

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