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Seeking a Trump vs Obama debate pre-midterms

Dave Ross would love to see the mindsets of 44 and 45 on stage before November. (MyNorthwest, AP image)

The latest government figures show wages last month increased at the best clip since the end of the Great Recession. We have now had 95 straight months of job creation. That prompted several triumphant Trump tweets, which in turn prompted former President Obama to give a speech on Friday saying, wait a minute, all this economic joy started during my administration!

He also added that, despite those figures, there is growing inequality, it’s harder to get health insurance and pay back that college loan, we’re disrespecting hard working immigrants, alienating our allies, and foolishly pretending there’s no climate change.

To which Trump replied the solution is American jobs. Jobs before climate change, American workers before foreign workers.

Both men claim they know what will make the middle class prosper.

But the Obama approach assumes if you find yourself struggling, the government needs to fix things for you. The Trump approach says if you’re still struggling after all this winning, it means there’s something wrong with you.

That’s the debate I want to see before the midterms. A debate between the two mindsets: Trump vs Obama. No moderator, no audience, each man’s mic is live for exactly three minutes at a time, and they alternate for 90 minutes.

Let’s see the Russians hack that.

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