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Ross: Hey Netflix, save some of the internet for the rest of us

In 2013, Netflix expanded from streaming and DVD rental into producing original content. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola, File)

A few nights ago, I was quietly reading a gripping 14,218-word expose in The New York Times when the screen froze. And my internet phone went dead. This has happened before.

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I don’t call the cable company because I feel silly using my cell phone to complain that my cable phone is dead. So I usually just pick up an old magazine and see if there was anything interesting going on in the ’80s. But it’s frustrating not knowing who to blame for this.

Well, now we know. A company called Sandvine which manages internet traffic has revealed, that during the evening hours, 40 percent of US internet traffic is people streaming movies on Netflix.

That’s what’s cutting off my online newspaper.

I remember when we could watch movies on TV without the internet. There was a feature length movie every night of the week.

Yeah, you had to sit through commercials and you couldn’t choose the movie, but unlike now, the entire US population could be tuned in. And it wouldn’t slow down your newspaper, or your mail. Or your phone!

And you know what else, kids? When the movie was over, if you wanted to binge watch another one – you couldn’t. You just went to bed.

Anyway, cable’s great, but they’re jamming too much into that little black wire.

The Netflickers need to get their own wire and get off mine. And yeah, stay off the lawn while you’re at it.

Although I don’t have a lawn anymore. I just stream lawn videos now.

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