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Top destinations for Seattleites sharing Lyft rides


Seattle likes sharing, at least when it comes to hitching a ride around town. Rideshare company Lyft sells about 40 percent of its pickups to customers sharing the trip with other customers along the way — nationally.

But in Seattle, the company saw a 75 percent increase in shared rides over the past year. Shared rides make up one third of all Lyft rides in Seattle.

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It was such a significant spike, Lyft has added up the shared destinations. The list is similar to the company’s annual Lyfties, but strictly for shared rides.

“The future of transportation is going to include a wide range of transportation options, and shared rides is a great way to save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and help alleviate congestion,” said Todd Kelsay, General Manager for Lyft Pacific Northwest. “What really excites me is that passengers in Seattle are sharing the ride in all sorts of situations including their commutes, nightlife activities, recreation, and daily errands.”

Top 10 shared destinations by Seattle Lyft passengers:

  1. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
  2. Facebook South Lake Union
  3. University of Washington Station – Sound Transit
  4. Washington State Convention Center
  5. Safeco Field
  6. Sheraton Seattle Hotel
  7. Seattle Center
  8. Gas Works Park
  9. King Street Station
  10. Westfield Southcenter

Most people share a ride to get to Sea-Tac Airport, which is not too surprising — no parking. But the second most popular destination is Facebook’s South Lake Union office. Also frequented is the light rail station at the University of Washington, which will get passengers into Seattle, and then onto the airport. A total of 44 percent of all rides to the UW light rail station were shared.

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