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Who is in the lead? Polls released for 8th Congressional District

Republican Dino Rossi face Democrat Kim Schrier in the November election for the 8th Congressional District. (MyNorthwest photo)

If the midterm election was held today, Washington’s highly coveted 8th Congressional District would likely lean toward Democrat Kim Schrier. Then again, Rossi may have a lead — it depends on who you ask.

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Schrier has a one point lead over Rossi according to a recent New York Times poll (46 percent to 45 percent). If you ask Crosscut, however, Rossi has a 10 point lead over Schrier.

Then again, AARP says Schrier has 45 percent support, and Rossi has 37 percent (12 percent undecided). AARP polled voters aged 50 and up.

The New York Times’ Upshot section partnered with Sienna College Research Institute — an institution that primarily conducts polls and surveys — to produce its own 8th Congressional District poll conducted over the phone. The partnership is part of a larger effort to survey key Congressional races across the nation. It states that 9 percent of voters are undecided in the district.

One thing is certain: The 8th District is a neck-and-neck race with the Democrat and Republican candidates close in the polls. The results indicate that when it comes to the candidates and the issues, the 8th Congressional District is more often so close, it can’t make up its mind. As all eyes focus on the midterms, this district will be a tight race.

Kim Schrier

The New York Times poll states that Schrier’s support is spread similarly across age groups: 18-44 has 49 percent support; 45-64 has 45 percent; and 65 and over has 44 percent.

  • 44 percent of Schrier supporters have less than a college bachelor’s degree; 48 percent have a college degree or higher.
  • She is getting 40 percent support in Eastern Washington, 56 percent support in North King County, 41 percent in Pierce County, and 44 percent in South King County.
  • 42 percent of independent voters indicated support for the Democrat.

Dino Rossi

When it comes to Rossi, the New York Times poll states he is doing better among men — 51 percent. He has less support among ages 18-44 (39 percent compared to Shrier’s 49 percent). He’s polling at 49 percent for ages 45-64; and at 46 percent for ages 65 and up.

  • 46 percent of Rossi supporters have less than a college degree; 44 percent have a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Rossi is getting 49 percent support in Eastern Washington, 37 percent in North King County, 50 percent in Pierce County, and 47 percent in South King County.
  • 43 percent of independent voters said they supported Rossi.

Other details about the 8th Congressional District

The results of the New York Times poll for Washington’s 8th Congressional District also state:

  • Kim Schrier has a 34 percent favorable rating; 25 percent unfavorable; 41 percent don’t know.
  • Dino Rossi has a 45 percent favorable rating; 39 percent unfavorable; 16 percent don’t know.
  • Notes that the district has never elected a Democrat to the house, but has regularly voted for Democrats in presidential races.

Washington state’s 8th Congressional District is up for grabs, as Republican Congressmember Dave Reichert steps down to retire. The district covers parts of King and Pierce Counties, stretching from the Eastside to communities over the Cascade Mountains like Wenatchee, Leavenworth, and Ellensburg.

The poll also garnered information on current issues facing the country.

Q: Which party would you like to see control the House?
A: Democrats: 47 percent (42 percent male; 51 percent female) / Republicans: 45 percent (52 percent male; 39 percent female) / Don’t know: 8 percent

Q: Approve or disapprove of the job Donald Trump is doing as president?
A: Approve: 45 percent (50 percent male; 39 percent female) / Disapprove: 48 percent (43 percent male; 53 percent female)

A total of 37 percent of ages 18-44 approve of Trump’s job, and 55 percent disapprove. Ages 45-64 had even 47 percent approval/disapproval ratings. A total of 48 percent of ages 65 and up approve, and 42 percent disprove.

Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the United States Supreme Court

  • 32 percent strongly oppose and 32 percent strongly support
  • 39 percent of men, and 26 percent of females strongly supported Kavanaugh
  • 28 percent of men, and 37 percent of females strongly opposed Kavanaugh

Also there are no surprises when it came to healthcare issues. A total of 28 percent strongly support, and 29 percent strongly oppose a national health insurance program. 34 percent strongly support, while 34 percent strongly oppose repealing the Affordable Care Act.

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