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Dating in Seattle might be tough, but it's a great town for tourists.
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Amazon helping make Seattle great for tourists; city is worst for dating

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The nationally-touring Great Love Debate podcast named Seattle “America’s Worst City to Find Love,” a stark contrast to Lonely Planet naming it the eighth best city for tourists.

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“Of all the places where the disconnect grew wider this year, Seattle’s grew the widest; leaving a gloomy puddle of aggravated women, socially-awkward men, and rain water,” The Great Love Debate claimed.

The podcast used a formula based on opinions and demographics from 92,000 singles at its live shows across the last five years, polling residents of each city they appear in on a variety of dating topics.

Specifically, “Seattle singles earned low marks across the board for their lack of communication, confidence, and optimism.”

“Is it bad because you can’t talk to anybody, you can’t get a hookup, and all the Amazon guys seemed to have neutered themselves?” asked John Curley on KIRO Radio’s Tom and Curley Show.

“It certainly seems that way,” he added.

It’s worth noting that as of early-2018, Amazon’s employees were 74 percent white males. With the company employing roughly 40,000 people in Seattle alone, that makes for one homogeneous dating pool.

Portland also made the list, with The Great Love Debate arguing that “trying to be the center of the Beard and Beer Universe is never a good way to show you actually care about dating.”

This all sits in contrast to Seattle making a far less dubious list, named by Lonely Planet as the eighth best city to travel to in 2019. It joins the likes of Copenhagen, Miami, Kathmandu, and Mexico City among others.

“Smart, progressive and loaded with creative energy, Seattle is rarely out of the global spotlight,” Lonely Planet said in its breakdown.

While Amazon might be hurting Seattle’s dating scene, Lonely Planet credited the company for “radically transform(ing) a vast tract of the Denny Triangle neighbourhood, creating a dense business district of sleek office towers anchored by a trio of innovative glass ‘spheres’ where workers share office space with 40,000 plants.”

Seattle definitely has its relative strengths and weaknesses as a city, just don’t count on it for success in the dating department if The Great Love Debate has anything to say about it.

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