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seattle neighborhood
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Tom and Curley

  • seattle neighborhood

    Vacant 25-acre piece of land may become a new Seattle neighborhood

    In a city filled with rising rents and relentless redevelopment, you don't often hear about new land becoming available. A 25-acre property between the Magnolia Bridge and the Interbay Golf Course is about to be vacant, and it may be big enough to be its own neighborhood.
  • closed captions

    Is it necessary to fine bars if closed captioning isn’t on TVs?

    A new Seattle law will now insist that restaurants, bars, gyms, and pretty much any business with a television to have the closed captioning switched on.
  • crane collapse

    Tom and Curley: Reflecting on the weekend’s Seattle crane collapse

    As Mercer and surrounding streets are reopened, investigators are looking into causes behind a fatal crane collapse in South Lake Union that killed four people on Saturday. Tom and Curley discuss the random nature of tragedies such as these.
  • eagles

    Dump-diving eagles in Renton bring shame to our nation

    The national symbol of America is not comporting itself in way that befits a national symbol, since about 200 bald eagles have been found frequenting the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill near Renton, picking through sweet morsels of trash.
  • seattle school, Washington Middle School

    Seattle school displays names of those in detention: does shame work?

    Washington Middle School recently projected a list of seven middle-schoolers in the lunchroom under the title, "Detention Today." It hasn't gone over well in Seattle.
  • seattle prostitution, seattle police

    Seattle police bust prostitution ring after 3-year investigation

    A three-year police investigation into a network of Seattle massage parlors culminated this week with the arrest of six suspects, charged for promoting prostitution and money laundering.
  • I-940, seattle police

    Seattle police official: Reforms ‘damaged’ incentive to be a proactive officer

    An official with the Seattle Police Officers Guild (SPOG) noted in a recent interview that many of the federally mandated police reforms have hurt officers ability and willingness to solve crimes.
  • Amazon

    Amazon looking to open a new nationwide grocery chain

    Amazon is trading boxes for paper bags and looking to open a dozens grocery stores across the U.S.
  • seattle homeless, prolific homeless

    Study: 1 of 5 booked into jail are homeless, mostly for nonviolent crimes

    Of the 16,927 people booked into jail in 2018, 3,211 of them were homeless, placing the number of homeless arrested at approximately one out of five.
  • safe injection sites

    Will a new federal lawsuit impact Seattle’s plan for safe injection sites?

    Local officials are keeping their eye on a new federal lawsuit against Safehouse, a Philadelphia nonprofit looking to open the country's first drug consumption site.
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