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Walmart layway
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  • Walmart layway

    Bellevue CEO pays off Walmart layaways for 110 Washington families

    One CEO in Washington makes a habit of donating big, in unique ways each holiday season. This year, he paid the layaway bills for families at two Walmart stores in the state.
  • seattle dark

    Unpopular Opinion: Getting dark early in Seattle is a good thing

    Is the fact that it's getting dark earlier in Seattle a good thing? There may be some benefits and there may be a few people out there in the suffocating dark who actually like it.
  • michael cohen

    Michael Cohen is a cautionary tale about blind loyalty

    If Michael Cohen, at some point, took stock and felt his values aligned with his leader, then I don't feel sorry for the guy.
  • Gee Scott: Ken Norton’s important role in Seahawks’ bounce-back season

    As he does before each game, Seahawks insider Gee Scott breaks down three things he is hearing from players ahead of Sunday's Week 15 game against the San Francisco 49ers.
  • amanda knox

    Amanda Knox talks Jonestown, life after exoneration, more

    Amanda Knox is hosting a podcast that seeks to provide understanding for the victims and survivors of the Jonestown Massacre.
  • I-1639 Lewis County

    Lewis County DA: I-1639 is ‘an unenforceable law’

    KIRO Nights host Gee Scott had a chance to sit down with Lewis County's District Attorney, Jonathan Meyer, who expanded on the county's recent decision not to actively enforce I-1639.
  • candy canes

    Unpopular Opinion: Why do candy canes still exist? Seriously!

    Candy canes can be controversial -- like candy corn. Why then, do they have such strong support in the State of Washington? Does anyone seriously still like these sticky things?
  • Gee Scott: Seahawks hoping for extra energy from crowd Monday vs Vikings

    As he does before each game, KIRO Nights’ own Seahawks insider, Gee Scott, breaks down the three things he is hearing from Seahawks players ahead of Monday night's Week 14 game against the Minnesota Vikings.
  • Sarah Colonna

    Jon Ryan to join Sarah Colonna in Everett

    Sarah Colonna stops by KIRO Nights to talk about all things comedy and more ahead of her performance in Everett.
  • XFL Seattle

    Unpopular Opinion: I’m more excited about the XFL in Seattle than the NHL

    November has been a big month for additions to the Seattle sports scene, between the NHL and the XFL announcing new teams, but not everything is looking forward to hockey in the Emerald City. 
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