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Doug Baldwin
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Gee Scott

  • Doug Baldwin

    Gee: How Doug Baldwin changed my life and influenced my family

    When I think about the things that changed my life, and helped my family, I can't help but think about Seahawks Doug Baldwin. I'm grateful.
  • Pierce County

    Gee: It’s not left vs right, it’s wrong vs right

    Repeat offenders. Crimes. Guns. It's time to stop thinking “left vs right.” What's “right or wrong” is more important.
  • Martin Luther King, MLK

    Gee: Lessons from MLK, and why a good meal is bigger than politics

    In today's rough political climate, we could stand to learn a lot from the way we approach a meal with friends. It's a message that can be seen in many places, including the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • broward county sheriff, police

    Gee: I’m not a cop hater, I just don’t support bad police officers

    I get called a "cop hater" sometimes. The truth is quite the opposite. But that doesn't mean we should not call out bad police officers when we see them.
  • kj wright

    Seahawks’ K.J. Wright discusses NFL players going broke, his first paycheck

    Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright joined KIRO Nights for the hour to discuss why and how NFL players go broke after retiring, and what he's been up to during the off-season.

    Seattle NAACP experiences 244 percent spike in membership

    The Seattle/King County NAACP has experienced a surge in membership over the past few months. Its new president and housing chair discuss the latest developments at the organization.
  • ignorance, issaquah, hate, sign

    Gee: Use education for ignorance, confrontation for hate

    Who do we blame for the racist sign and ignorance that came out of Issaquah High School? And how should we all respond to such incidents?
  • Trump tax returns

    Medved: How Democrats can defeat Trump after Mueller report

    Government by scandal has not worked since the Nixon administration. Democrats will have to stop investigating and tart legislating if they want Trump out of office, according to Michael Medved.
  • Uber, Lyft, rideshare

    Gee: Trump and the politics of taking a rideshare

    I ordered a rideshare this weekend. I wanted a ride, but I got some added political conversation. This is what I decided to do.
  • Breakfast of Chompions bracket

    KIRO Nights: 2019 Breakfast of Chompions Bracket

    In the spirit of the NCAA Tournament, KIRO Nights introduces the inaugural Munch Madness Bracket as we try to discover the official Breakfast of Champions.
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