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Ross: The iPhone just keeps getting more expensive


The Washington Post’s tech column this week reveals the shocking truth: Apple products are expensive. Let that sink in America.

The numbers show that from 2014 to 2018, the price of the iPhone has risen faster than almost anything. Faster than other smart phones, faster than cable, faster even than prescription drugs, if you can believe it. The only thing the iPhone price hasn’t risen faster than is the Mac Mini. And we all know who makes that.

And yet, people not only buy them, but when they have a choice, they will buy the most expensive model.

I wonder why that is. And then I picked up my old iPhone 5, which I turned off 11 months ago.

It took 76 seconds to boot up, but not only did it still work, it had all the photos my new iPhone has — even though I hadn’t used it for 11 months!

I asked – Old iPhone – do you remember me?

“How could I forget you, the mellifluous tones of  your voice are permanently etched into my processing cortex.”


Then I asked my new iPhone – iPhone why do you cost so much?

“I strive to be invaluable.”

And it hit me like an apple from a tree. The iPhone is what I have instead of a dog. Sure, it’s the kind of dog that keeps trying to sell you additional storage space, but that’s only because it loves you.

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