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Amanda Knox talks Jonestown, life after exoneration, more

(Matt Pitman, KIRO Radio)

Amanda Knox’s personal journey has been one ripped straight from the tabloid headlines. Now, she’s hosting a podcast that seeks to provide understanding for the victims and survivors of the Jonestown Massacre.

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Titled “The Truth About True Crime,” Knox’s podcast goes “beyond the sensational headlines and snap judgments of bystanders and tabloids,” with the goal of humanizing the victims of Jonestown.

“I get into debates and even heated debates with a lot of people I care about when I see there’s been easy judgment laid down upon someone who happens to be in the headlines,” she told KIRO Nights’ Gee Scott and Drew Barth. She continued:

When it came to Jim Jones and the People’s Temple, the people who survived the massacre, and the people who didn’t, what I heard back was ‘oh I don’t know how people can ever do that, they’re not like us.’ I think that’s an easy answer, that there are people who are part of crazy crime stories, and then there are the rest of us. It made me think that if we are turning ourselves off to the experiences and perspectives of those who are going through those tragedies or have survived them, then we’re losing a tragic knowledge about ourselves.

Check out the whole interview above, and subscribe to her podcast here.

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