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Ross: A very special Facebook holiday song


It happened again. The New York Times discovered documents showing that Facebook shared data without users’ consent – so that you could be targeted with irresistible ads. Microsoft, Amazon, and Spotify all had access to the information. It’s the same old song, and it goes like this:

You’re seeing an ad, it catches your eye
And it’s something that you’ve been dying to buy
‘Cause Facebook shared your data, again

You cannot resist, so you click on it twice
It’s gotta be yours, no matter the price
‘Cause Facebook shared your data, again

(Here’s how it works)

It tracks you while you’re sleeping, and while you’re still awake
Of course you’re free to quit for good – but all your other apps would break

So, you’ll never opt out, and you better not try
‘Cause your smartphone is listening right there from your thigh
So Facebook can share your data– again, and again and again

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