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Seattle first U.S. city with over 2 million trips on Lime bikes

LimeBike's Lime-E electric bike. (LimeBike)

Lime’s recently-released year-end 2018 report boasts some staggering numbers for the bikeshare service, both in Seattle and across the globe.

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Over the last 17 months, Lime reports that Seattle riders have taken over 2 millions trips on Lime electric-assists and pedal bikes. This is the first time a US market has breached the 2 million ride milestone.

Other notable data from 2018:

  • 350,000 total riders in Seattle
  • 2.05 million total rides in Seattle
  • 31 percent of riders in Seattle reported traveling to or from dining or entertainment during their most recent trip
  • 34 percent of riders in Seattle reported commuting to or from work or school during their most recent trip
  • 30 percent of riders in Seattle reported replacing a trip by car (i.e. personal car, carshare or taxi, or rideshare) during their most recent trip.

Globally, the company saw 26 million total rides, traveling 28 million miles. Lime currently operates in 100 markets on five continents. The average age of Lime riders is 32 years old, while 25 percent of Lime riders report an age of 37 or older.

Lime’s report also notes that Seattle broke ground as the first market to test out LimePod, the company’s new carshare service.

“Seattle is the first and only LimePod market,” said Pete Dempster, LimePod program manager told MyNorthwest’s Dyer Oxley. “We have a permit that allows up to 7,500 bikes, and we have hundreds of thousands of users already so we thought it was perfect to launch LimePod here in Seattle.”

Lime plans to expand the carshare offering in other markets, starting with one in California in 2019.

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