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Viadoom countdown: WSDOT lays out new routes for SR 99 tunnel


With almost a week to go before the closure of the Alaskan Way Viaduct, the Washington Department of Transportation laid out all the routes that will be changing once the SR 99 tunnel opens in early February.

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WSDOT released four total videos detailing routes to get drivers to southbound 99, northbound 99, south through Seattle, and north through Seattle.

In terms of major changes, one of the bigger ones the videos describe involves Harrison Street, which will cross over Aurora Ave North for the first time in 60 years.

Routes through the two-mile tunnel will begin on the north end near Seattle Center, and by the south end near the stadiums.

As you approach the Space Needle, you’ll have two choices: Stay on southbound 99 to enter the tunnel, or exit left to cross over Harrison to Denny Way and downtown.

Entering the tunnel from the south end on NB 99, you’ll have the choice to either bear left to enter the new tunnel, or exit to the right to a new intersection at South Dearborn Street, to get either downtown or onto Alaskan Way.

You can check out all four videos below.

Driving north to and through Seattle with SR 99 tunnel

Driving south to and through Seattle with SR 99 tunnel

Getting to northbound 99 from downtown Seattle with SR 99 tunnel

Getting to southbound 99 from Seattle with SR 99 tunnel

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