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Viaduct demolition
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After 65 years, the Alaskan Way Viaduct is closing. Find out how to navigate Seattle traffic

Viadoom: 2019 Viaduct Closure

  • Viaduct demolition

    The Alaskan Way Viaduct officially starts to come down

    After initial delays related to snowstorms, the demolition of the Alaskan Way Viaduct finally began Friday, as crews started work to disassemble almost a mile and a half of roadway.
  • viaduct

    Thousands say goodbye to viaduct, hello to tunnel

    With the new SR 99 tunnel opening on Monday morning, there are still a handful of events to look forward to through the weekend to herald its arrival.
  • SR 99 tunnel Seattle, buses

    Inside the new ‘state of the art’ SR 99 tunnel

    Come Monday, we'll finally be getting a state-of-the-art tunnel that has high-tech fire suppression systems, traffic cameras, and even transitional lighting that changes based on the time of day.
  • Viadoom, Chris Sullivan at the SR 99 tunnel entrance, before Realign99 begins

    It’s official: Date set for opening of tunnel, end of Viadoom

    Viadoom will officially come to an end on schedule, marked by the opening of the SR 99 tunnel on Monday, Feb. 4.
  • Viadoom, Chris Sullivan at the SR 99 tunnel entrance, before Realign99 begins

    Workers race against the clock to finish new SR 99 tunnel

    On Jan. 12, Viadoom officially began, and with it, work to realign SR 99 to connect to the recently-constructed tunnel under downtown Seattle. But can crews finish before the Feb. 4 deadline?
  • viadoom

    What to expect for the final week of Viadoom

    We're closing in on the final week of Viadoom, and it's time to make your final preparations. 
  • Viaduct demolition

    Halfway through Viadoom as the opening of the tunnel looms

    We're now roughly halfway through the partial closure of SR 99 in Seattle, as the timeline to get the new tunnel remains on schedule. How has the first week and a half gone so far? Let's dive in.
  • Viadoom Week 2: Live updates from the afternoon commute

    The Wednesday morning commute began with a semi-truck collision in Tacoma, blocking all northbound and southbound lanes, before Viadoom could even start.
  • Viadoom

    Viadoom’s worst traffic yet hits as Week 2 commutes begin

    Viadoom's first week was surprisingly manageable, as commuters adjusted their schedules enough to keep congestion to a minimum. But will the second week bring the same results? Let's find out. 
  • Viadoom

    Viadoom Day 5: Traffic snarled by car fires, crashes, and protest

    After three relatively light days of traffic, the afternoon commute on the fourth day of Viadoom quickly became the worst drive of the week, thanks to rain and a handful of collisions. Friday morning's commute started off with fire.