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Ross: I will pay for my own TSA pat down at the airport


Remember how we heard that, due to the shutdown, the IRS would have to delay tax refunds? That’s because under the law, when Congress doesn’t pass a budget, agencies can only keep the minimum staffing required “for the safety of human life or the protection of property.”

And so tax refunds don’t qualify.

Except now, a White House official seems to have had an epiphany – which is not unusual 12 days after Christmas – and determined that tax refunds are essential to protecting life and property. So now, they will not be delayed after all!

Well, if tax refunds are suddenly legal again, why is this happening at airports?

CBS reports: “Wait times are up at many airports as some screeners call out sick, rather than work without pay.”

If tax refunds are essential to protecting life and property what about keeping bombs off airplanes?

“TSA officials are concerned Friday’s payroll deadline, when screeners will miss their first paychecks, could be a tipping point,” CBS’ Kris Van Cleave reports.

That’s crazy! How about this: I’m willing pay for my pat downs. Between the leg room charges and expensive tiny bags of mixed nuts, we’re used to hemorrhaging money at airports anyway. I’ll pay five bucks for the security line. And I’ll bet Gold and Platinum Club members would pitch in $20 for the concierge pat down by a professional masseuse. Lets make pat downs great again, America, and get this done!

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