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Ross: Who are these gun grabbers in disguise?


The gun debate always brings up talk of “gun grabbing.” But who are the gun grabbers?

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We should find out this week when the House votes on new gun legislation — the first major firearm bills to reach the floor in 26 years.

The new bills require background checks for every change of possession, except within families, and extend the period to complete those background checks. They were written by a committee of five Democrats and five Republicans, and the idea is not to ban guns, but to control who gets them.

And yet we’re still hearing the same arguments – the main one being that nothing in these bills would have stopped a mass shooting. Which is largely true. But what is also true is that the 26 years of doing nothing hasn’t stopped a mass shootings either. And in the meantime, every parent in America is having to see their kids – starting in kindergarten – subjected to active shooter drills, and even learning their ABC’s from armed teachers.

So the mood is changing and the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Mike Thompson, says his opponents should be praying his bill passes and that it works – even if doesn’t stop every mass shooting – because: “The only thing that will solve every one … is to do away with guns. So are you telling me the critics of my bill want to do away with all guns?”

It’s the one law that can’t be vetoed. Unintended consequences.

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