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Ross: Democrats should not be afraid of Fox News

A large Fox News advertisement stands near Penn Station in Midtown Manhattan, March 7, 2019 in New York City. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

The question I’m hearing, even from non-conservative commentators, is: why have the Democrats decided, once again, not to let Fox News host any of the Democratic debates.

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The official reason is that the Democratic National Committee is upset over that New Yorker expose alleging that Fox News is a Trump Administration mouthpiece. It even went so far as to call it propaganda!

The other charge is that Fox News sells fear.

Well, they’re definitely better at it than anybody else, but every media outlet sells fear. You could argue the New Yorker is selling fear of Fox News.

But I’m here to say the Democrats should not only let Fox host a debate, they should have Fox host all the debates. And those debates should not be anchored by impartial veterans like Chris Wallace and Shep Smith, as some have suggested. The Democrats should insist on Tucker Carlson, and yes, Sean Hannity himself.

Otherwise, we’re either going to see a snore-fest of pre-existing conditions and infrastructure lectures, or Bernie ripping up everybody else for being timid.

But if you have Hannity at the desk – it’s like having Trump himself.

And suddenly it’s not Democrat vs Democrat. Instead, it’s all the Democrats vs Trump and friends. Now that is must-see-TV for both sides.

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