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Gee: Trump and the politics of taking a rideshare

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I ordered a rideshare in San Francisco to pick me up on Sunday. We were on our way, when about two minutes into the ride, the driver says, “It sucks that President Trump won’t be going to for obstruction, huh?”

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I should have known how things were going to go because he was wearing a 49ers hoodie (just kidding, gotta still have fun).

I was so caught off guard by the randomness that I looked down at what I was wearing to see if there was anything that would give him the idea that I would want to talk about this. Especially so early in the morning. Have you ever had someone ask you a question and before you answer you ask yourself and answer about five questions all inside your head? Well I do, and here I was again. So I kindly say, “Why does it suck?”

He goes on to tell me that the president doesn’t like black people and that I should want him to be arrested. Now at this time I’m scratching my head. I replied, “So because an opinion of him not liking black people, you want the integrity of our democracy compromised? Meaning you want it to be true?”

He said, “I just want him gone.”

Have you ever been a part of a discussion and in the beginning you find yourself agreeing with someone until you get further into the discussion and realize that you’re not on the same page? When it comes to the president, I was happy about the investigation, but never wanted it to be true. I didn’t want the truth to be that a president colluded with the Russian government.

It’s kinda like hiring a private investigator to uncover infidelity in your relationship, and not wanting it to be true. If you think there’s cheating and you find out that there isn’t, that’s good thing. Right?

Last week I wrote about extremism and how it is really damaging us. Everyone is so focused on taking a side that you forget what the point is. The point of the investigation was to ensure the integrity of our Democracy is solid. If crimes were uncovered while doing that, indict the suspects.

Now, back to my ride. I’m assuming that because I was black, the driver felt he knew where I stood when it comes to politics. Ya see, that’s another problem. When are we going to quit thinking that because someone looks a certain way, that’s how they are and how they think? Hasn’t history taught us better than that?

So, if you know me, or listen to KIRO Nights (on KIRO Radio from 7-10 p.m), you know that I love to have fun. Well I wanted to have some fun because this conversation wasn’t going anywhere. When I was almost to my destination, I spoke up again and said “My man, did you know that 1/3 rideshare drivers are prone to drop you off at home, and then come back the next week and rob your place?”

I totally made that up, by the way.

He says, “Yeah, I heard about that, that’s pretty scary.”

He had to be lying, but OK.

“Yeah, that’s why I don’t like rideshare drivers,” I said. “You have to watch out for them. You can’t trust them.”

He says, “Well, you can’t just think that about all of us. You have to judge each one that you meet for yourself.”

Hmm, I’ll have to keep that in mind sir. Enjoy your day.

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