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Ross: In wake of Mueller report, let’s move on to solving health care


I know both sides are still angry over the Mueller report, but I think everyone got at least a little of what they wanted.

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Everyone except possibly the Flat Earth Society now accepts that agents of the Russian government deliberately tried to scramble the 2016 election in favor of Donald Trump, even though the President did not cooperate in any illegal way.

It’s also obvious several key staffers clearly thought the President intended to obstruct the investigation, but that he did not succeed.

The media can feel good knowing that the news pages of The New York Times and The Washington Post are way closer to the truth than Twitter.

So, everyone comes away with something.

Now, suppose we move on as a country and do what Trump has promised many times: Reform the system that bankrupts too many Americans in need of prescription drugs.

Right now there are bills in Congress to force drug companies to give us the same discounts Canadians get, and to stop drug companies from using the patent system simply to jack up prices.

Once upon a time, these ideas were dismissed as merely liberal ideas, but the bills I just mentioned are actually being proposed by Republicans! I realize many of you would rather go back to fighting each other, which is fine.

But think of it this way: It’s easier to fight when you can at least afford your meds.

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