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Ross: Stopping Russia could only help Trump in 2020

(Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

President Trump has had enough.

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He will defy the Democrats’ attempts to stage an endless rehash of the Mueller investigation.

Even though Mueller found that neither he nor any American cooperated with the Russia hack of the 2016 election, he feels that the only reason Democrats keep bringing up the subject is to de-legitimize him. He basically sees it as the Democratic version of the birther movement.

There are reports which say that he is so touchy about this, he has avoided ordering a serious investigation into Russia’s continuing attempt to hack our elections.

That, I think, is a big mistake.

Democrats obviously want to defeat him, but how frustrating would it be for him if he wins, only to find his reelection was tainted by the same Russian trolls that tainted the last one? That’s not going to help his Wikipedia entry.

He needs to go on offense. He needs to announce he’s going to show those Russian trolls who’s boss.

I think nothing would baffle the Democrats more than for Trump to announce a rigorous special investigation into Russia’s plans for 2020. Even ask Pelosi for suggestions on who should run it.

His mission would be to expose Russian trolls, and any other foreign influence, so that whatever happens in the election, no one can say it was rigged.

The Democrats would look silly criticizing that — all they could do would be to stand in awe.

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