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‘The Sitka Decision’ is revealed — Dori to go ‘North to Alaska’

Dori is going "North to Alaska." (File, Associated Press)

The biggest yes-or-no of the year has finally been determined — Dori decided that he will indeed join 710 ESPN’s Brock Huard on a fishing trip to Sitka, Alaska during the Monday Monson Quarterback.

After a week of going back and forth on-air on whether or not he should make the jaunt, listeners were getting restless for an answer. Many told Dori that the trip would be the adventure of a lifetime, assuring Dori that the natural beauty of Sitka could not be beat.

“After talking to you, after talking to Tom [Nelson of 710’s The Outdoor Line], after talking to my listeners, who have been bombarding me — I’m going to go from Seattle to Alaska for the first time in my life,” Dori announced to a backdrop of Brock’s gleeful whoops and Johnny Horton’s “North to Alaska.”

Dori confirmed that he has indeed booked his flight to Sitka, so there is no going back.

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“Dori, this will be one of the most memorable trips of your life — you will remember this for the rest of your days,” Brock assured him. “You’re going to see more bald eagles than you ever knew [existed], you’re going to see a bear, you’re going to see, possibly, a killer whale … you’re going to see fishermen who are the salt of the earth.”

Dori may even find a way to broadcast parts of the show from Sitka, as KIRO Radio’s official Alaska correspondent.

Last week, Dori had revealed on-air that he had never caught a fish.

“I swore to my family that if there is any part of me that is uncomfortable with the fish-catching part, that I’m going to be a man about it, and I’m not going to be a little wet blanket,” Dori laughed.

He admitted that his kids still think he will be miserable, but he is determined to step out of his comfort zone and embrace new adventures.

“I’m all in with no hesitation, no equivocation — I’m really excited,” Dori said.

According to Brock, it was the “best Monday Monson Quarterback we’ve ever had.”

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